Hello readers! This week there was so many great posts, it was really tough. However I feel that there are some real thought provoking post here. Maybe it will inspire you to write something and get it shared here. If you are on Twitter be sure to follow PlanetV12N.

The SLOG by Simon Long – VMware Mirage: Speed Up Centralization In Your Test Environments

Simon Long tells you how to quickly and easily to disable bandwidth throttling in Mirage.

I’ve been working with Mirage quite a bit over the past few months and I wanted to share a little tweak that can help speed up Centralization and other network intensive processes.

Disclaimer: As stated in the title of this post, this is great for Test environments. I wouldn’t however recommend you configure this on your production environment unless you fully understand the impact of the changes.

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Horizon Flux by Tim Arenz – ThinApp scripting with VBScript

Tim discusses how you can utilize VBScript with-in your ThinApp deployment.

Most of the times when I talk to our customers they want some functionality in ThinApp which it doesn’t offered out of the box.  For example:

  • Allow to run a virtualized application only until a specific date.
  • Update a configuration file every time the applications is launched.
  • Allow an application only to be executed when user is inside the corporate office.
  • Messure the usage of an application.
  • Enforce licensing restriction.
  • And so on…

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The Lone SysAdmin by Bob Plankers – Explaining Things Simply

In this post Bob does great job at making you think in this post..

Humans try to make everything really, really complicated. Sometimes we need the complexity but we often do it just because we can. We do it without thinking about it, perhaps a subliminal way of telling people to check out our species’ big brains.

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Double Cloud by Steve Jin – Simple Logging in Java Application

Here Steve talks about a logging in Java Application development.

Logging is a common requirement for application. In Java world, there are a few frameworks, the first and the most famous of which is the log4j from Apache foundation. Java included its own logging APIs afterwards. You can find many discussions which one is better in terms of use of use, flexibility, and performance. To reconcile the two APIs, a common abstraction called Simple Logging Facade for Java (SLF4J) was created. As SLF4J works with both log4j and Java logging, you can switch between them easily (in theory).

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Robert van den Nieuwendijk’s Blog by Robert van den Nieuwendijk -Get VMware vCenter Scheduled Tasks with PowerCLI

Rob discusses some PowerCLI tips you can use with vSphere.

VMware vSphere PowerCLI is missing cmdlets to work with VMware vCenter Scheduled Tasks. In a series of blog posts I will show you some PowerShell advanced functions that you can use to work with vCenter Scheduled Tasks. The first function is Get-VCScheduledTask. You can use this function to retrieve one or more scheduled tasks from your vCenter Server.

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That is all for this week. Hope you enjoy and get inspired to write something yourself!