Dell ObjectScale
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Dell ObjectScale on VMware Cloud Foundation with Tanzu

Dell Technologies has engineered a software-defined, enterprise-class, high performance containerized architecture object storage in the VMware Tanzu platform called Objectscale.

Dell ObjectScale

VMware and Dell Technologies have worked together to provide a framework for cloud-native object storage in vSphere using the vSAN Data Persistence platform: Dell ObjectScale on VMware Cloud Foundation with Tanzu. Dell ObjectScale provides native K8s, S3-compatible storage utilizing vSAN, and it integrates with vSphere, simplifying management for administrators. With rich S3 compatibility and self-service APIs, you can quickly spin up object storage containers to fuel applications ranging from big data and analytics to ephemeral dev or test sandboxes.

Dell ObjectScale allows organizations to deliver scalable cloud services with the reliability and control of private cloud infrastructure like VMware. ObjectScale enables you to easily manage globally distributed storage infrastructure under a single namespace with anywhere access to content.

ObjectScale is built with certain design principles:

  • Global namespace with eventual consistency
  • Scale-out capabilities
  • Secure multi-tenancy
  • Superior performance for both small and large objects

The platform was built as a distributed system following the microservices principle of cloud applications. ObjectScale has a layered architecture, with every function in the system built as an independent layer, making them horizontally scalable across all nodes and enabling high availability.

Deploy ObjectScale using the individual VMware components following software:

  • VMware Cloud Foundation with Tanzu
  • NSX-T
  • vSAN
  • vSAN Data Persistence platform (optional)

VMware Cloud Foundation with Tanzu

VCF with Tanzu provides numerous options for running a Kubernetes environment. K8s allows organizations to quickly develop and innovate applications, but the storage infrastructure needs to be just as agile. When modern stateful services, using a Shared Nothing Architecture deploy built-in services such as replication and encryption, traditional storage consumption may need to change.

vSAN Data Persistence platform

vSAN DPp provides a framework for our service partners to integrate with the VMware Cloud Foundation infrastructure. vSAN DPp allows organizations to run stateful services that can quickly scale while simplifying operations and reducing costs. This allows you to deploy stateful services in parallel with traditional applications using the same infrastructure, with vCenter as a common management interface.

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