Grab Your Bag and Journey to the Future of IT Infrastructure

STUDENT AGENCY Holding, a Czech travel company, encourages others to explore the world. They specialize in various services, including bus and railway operations, flight and vacation planning, and language studies and work abroad organizing. However, STUDENT AGENCY’s clunky and cumbersome IT infrastructure was holding them back from reaching their full potential.

This is where VMware vSAN enters the adventure and allowed STUDENT AGENCY to soar.


STUDENT AGENCY faced challenges with the inflexibility of their old IT infrastructure. The legacy system was hosted on two virtualization environments and multiple external disk arrays. The setup required demanding management and maintenance systems, which were neither time nor cost-efficient. Also, the outdated architecture made scaling capacity and performance a nightmare.

Uptime is extremely important to a company like STUDENT AGENCY that relies on customers being able to easily and quickly navigate the website and book services. Even a few extra seconds of load time could be the difference between keeping a customer engaged in the purchasing process or losing them to a faster competitor.

Prepare for Takeoff

To modernize their IT infrastructure, Student Agency implemented VMware HCI powered by VMware vSAN. The resulting streamlined VMware HCI consolidated the virtual environments to greatly reduce complexity and allow for greater flexibility to perform current and accommodate future technology.

“vSphere and vSAN form the foundation of the HCI solution. These technologies provide great flexibility and scalability allowing us to promptly respond to our business needs and requirements. At the same time, they help keep the total infrastructure maintenance costs low. We are therefore able to accelerate the time in which we are able to introduce new services.” “A significant performance boost helps us satisfy peak demand effortlessly and thus provide a better experience to our customers when they order our services.”

Jakub Skopal, ICT Infrastructure Manager, STUDENT AGENCY

We Have Lift Off

STUDENT AGENCY knows a good deal when they see one, as they specialize in offering the best services at the best price to edge out their competition.

The company’s new consolidated virtualized environment empowered the IT team to focus less on their systems and more on operations that directly added value, such as improving customer services and growing the business. The new environment enabled better service availability and boosted performance in the form of hundreds of thousands of IOPS and low latency. Their maintenance efforts were slashed by an incredible 90%.

Finally, the flexibility of vSAN provides room to grow and add new services easily, like a light suitcase that still has plenty of space to store future souvenirs.

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