VMware vSAN HCI Mesh Quiz Q & A

Prep for the VMware vSAN HCI Mesh Quiz with us – right here! The VMware vSAN HCI Mesh Quiz is an interactive quiz taking place from September 7 – September 21, 2021 on vSAN’s Twitter channel! Join the fun as we post a vSAN Mesh-related question daily leading up to the big quiz on September 20 and September 21.

What’s the big vSAN HCI Mesh quiz you ask? It’s an online quiz featuring all of the previous weeks’ questions where you will receive a special participation certificate at the end for completion! Further details to come…

Be sure to bookmark this page as we update it DAILY to include that day’s question and answer! Hint, hint…it might even be a good resource to have on deck for the FINAL quiz.

Question 1 (September 7)

vSAN HCI Mesh Quiz - question 1

Answer 1

vSAN HCI Mesh Quiz - answer 1

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Question 2 (September 8)

Answer 2

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Question 3 (September 9)

Answer 3

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Question 4 (September 10)

Answer 4

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