VMware vSAN Tech Team Updates: vSAN Everywhere, Stretched Clusters & More

Summer 2021 saw a lot of great, new content on Cloud Platform Tech Zone including features on how vSAN is leveraged across industries, insights on stretched clusters, data management and more! Get a recap of this past season’s can’t miss Tech Zone resources below.

vSAN Stretched Clusters and Data Protection – What You Need to Know

Performance with vSAN Stretched Clusters

Check out this Tech Zone blog to learn the best way to improve site-level resilience, the relationship of performance to hardware, configurations and topology to optimize vSAN stretched clusters. Additionally, get recommendations for performance-focused vSAN stretched clusters and learn the nuances of latency measurements in VMs.

Stretched Cluster SPBM Policies – What are my options?

What is Storage Policy Based Management (SPBM)? Storage Policy Based Management is the mechanism by which data protection and placement are controlled for vSAN. Learn the policy settings required for protection and placement and receive expert insights on both site disaster tolerance and failures.

Backing Up vSAN File Shares

Got data? We do! vSAN 7 Update 2 extended its file services capabilities to include support for stretched clusters, data-in-transit encryption, snapshots and improved scale, performance, and efficiency. Tap into this resource for insights on vSAN file share support including back up configurations and more.

Understanding the vSAN Witness Host

Dive into this Tech Zone blog for the who, what, where, why and how on the vSAN witness host! Our expert breaks down witness host configuration, deployment and how it stores witness components from a stretched cluster. This resource is a must-read for users of VMware Cloud Foundation as you learn the specifics to solution deployment.

Performance when using vSAN Encryption Services

Data security is of the utmost importance for organizations of all sizes! This Tech Zone blog shares insights on vSAN data encryption services that make data in a vSAN cluster more secure. Learn about the optional cluster-level services offering end-to-end encryption.

vSAN – It’s Everywhere!

vSAN Across Industries

There are over 30,000 vSAN customers and counting! Since vSAN is part of the hypervisor, this software-only approach gives our customers the agility needed to provide storage with the software they are familiar with. Organizations continue to choose vSAN for its flexible and robust foundational solution across all types of industries and use cases.

vSAN in Healthcare

Did you know vSAN powered infrastructure provides an efficient platform for healthcare IT because of its flexibility, seamless operations and design capabilities? For specialized, mission-critical solutions found in healthcare environments, vSAN provides a robust solution to scale and meet the evolving demands of healthcare organizations.

Want to learn more about vSAN across different industries? Check out these Tech Zone posts: