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vSpeaking Podcast Ep 125: HCX

VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension (HCX) is probably one of the coolest VMware products that you’ve never heard of. At its core, it enables customers to seamlessly migrate workloads between public and private cloud environments, without any application or configuration modifications. This week VMware announced the latest release of VMware HCX that now accelerates large-scale live migrations of VMware vSphere and non-vSphere workloads to help customers operationalize multi-cloud and hybrid cloud transformations. HCX also now works with Site Recovery Manager (SRM) to combine best-in-class disaster recovery capabilities with best-in-class hybrid connectivity for secure, efficient backup and recovery of critical workloads.

This week on the Virtually Speaking Podcast we welcome Amy Lewis and Sachin Thakkar to discuss how HCX Simplifies application migration & mobility. A huge thanks to Emad Younis for co-hosting this week.

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Ready for something different? The Virtually Speaking Podcast crew has three very special guests to discuss the future of IT and how we can position ourselves to excel as IT professionals.

The roles of deep specialists and IT generalists are rapidly converging. Administrators now need to be ‘specialized generalists’ who know a fair bit about a fair number of things. Multi and mega clouds, containers and microservices, hyper-converged infrastructure, network micro-segmentation, are all the new wave of technology; With DevOps, AI and machine learning use cases changing not only the way we implement but the way we manage IT. In this session we examine this shifting IT landscape, and discuss trends for personal tooling – how can we position ourselves to excel in this new landscape? What does the datacenter of the future look like, and what sort of people will it need?

Whether you’re a weekly listener of the Virtually Speaking Podcast or never heard of it, this is a session not to miss.

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