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Powering Intelligent Edge with VMware vSAN and HPE

Co-Author – Bhumik Patel – Technical Alliances Director, VMware

Since last few years, customers have been enabling Remote Office / Branch Office (ROBO) use cases with VMware vSAN as the hyper-converged storage solution. One of the major use cases for leveraging distributed storage at ROBO locations is that this makes them self-sustained in running applications locally. This allows for storing and retaining all the data locally and transmitting  data back to the central data center for processing, analytics, aggregation and various other business benefits as required.

With the advent of IoT and the rise in the amount of data that’s being generated, there is a growing need for processing at the edge. This includes providing real-time business decisions on the data being generated at the edge as sending all data to cloud is impractical and often times not desired due to either cost or networking requirements of low round trip and latencies.  Some data will be used immediately (not required to be retained), right at the edge to monitor, make changes and alert based on that data in real time e.g. wind mill operations, automobile manufacturing installations, oil rigs etc.

An IoT solution is only as good as the insights that can be generated from things, and the control that can be provided to those things. For this reason an Intelligent Edge – that can handle streaming data, process events, provide edge analytics is an important element for any IoT solution. Hence there is a growing need for platforms that can power an intelligent edge.

To address this new set of IoT use cases, we are excited to announce the support for new hardware platforms on vSAN and are building an eco-system around it. This platform delivers required computing for immediate data processing to enabling the businesses to address such need.

What are we announcing today?

To enable our customers to power an intelligent edge, we have certified HPE Moonshot/Edgeline as vSAN ReadyNode. HPE Edgeline provides powerful, data center-level compute and management technology at the edge with robust platform that can operate in extreme conditions. This edge-optimized and purpose-built form factor when coupled with the distributed storage provided by VMware vSAN, allows customers to fulfill their edge computing use cases in the most efficient manner possible with enterprise grade resiliency and performance.

What is the hardware that has been certified for vSAN?

The vSAN ReadyLabs team is pleased to announce vSAN ReadyNodes for HPE ProLiant m510 server cartridge which plugs into the HPE Moonshot 1500 and HPE Edgeline EL1000/EL4000 systems.

Intelligent Edge                                                          HPE ProLiant m510 ReadyNode

In addition, we will continue to certify other server platforms jointly with HPE to expand this portfolio.

The HPE Edgeline EL1000 and EL4000 systems can be optimally configured with one (1) and four (4) HPE ProLiant m510 (8 or 16 core) or HPE ProLiant m710x (4 core + GPU) high density servers respectively.

HPE Edgeline EL4000 Converged Edge System

The HPE Moonshot 1500 chassis provides a scalable platform to support a range of solution cartridges optimized for specific workloads in a space and energy efficient manner.

Intelligent Edge

HPE Moonshot 1500 Chassis

This certified ReadyNode is part of a new vSAN Edge Hardware category created to better fit the needs of edge compute platforms. Specifications of vSAN Edge hardware is shown below:

Intelligent Edge



Together HPE and VMware can accelerate your journey into IoT/edge computing and are committed to delivering powerful IoT/edge-based solutions together. This fits in the broader VMware’s overall edge strategy enabling exciting new use cases.

Intelligent Edge

We look forward to engaging with our customers at their edge frontiers.

For any questions on vSAN hardware, please reach out to vSAN Hardware PM vsan-hcl@vmware.com.

To learn more about vSAN, visit VMware vSAN

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  1. Hi I just bought an el4000 for VSAN use. One thing we found is that with the limitations of drives you are wasting space with the config you have listed. Since cache and capacity are same size, in our env we have 2x1TB NVME, with a 3 node this really only gets us ~900GB thick provisioned usable. One thing we are doing to adjust this, is get a 256GB NVME and a 2TB NVME on each node. This will allow us to use the 256 for cache and use the full 2TB for capacity, with a slight, but not huge cost increase.

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