I'm delighted to announce a brand new vSAN Networking Guide. This is now published on our storagehub site. This new updated guide covers everything from support statements, the basics of NIC teaming on the vSAN network, including what options are available and the pros and cons of each approach, as well as supported topologies for standard deployments, 2-node deployments and stretched clusters. We also discuss the benefits of Network I/O Control. Remember vSAN entitled you to a distributed switch, which in turn means you can benefit from the features of Network I/O Control. We finish off with a closer look of using the iSCSI functionality available on vSAN since 6.5. The appendices also include some interesting information, including some detail on new unicast procedures. You can create your own offline copy from storagehub by exporting the doc as a PDF. We hope this answers most if not all of your networking questions. Please leave feedback for Paudie and I if there are any additional questions.