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Teleport Around a Multi-Cloud World with VMworld Demos and Sessions on 5G, Edge, and RAN

As VMworld 2021 gets underway, here’s a whirlwind tour of some of the demos aimed at attendees from communications service providers and everyone else involved in 5G. Imagine being able to teleport yourself around the edge of an emerging digital world and then drill down into its core? VMworld will help you do just that. It’s your chance to find an optimal place in our emerging multi-dimensional 5G world. 

Here’s a quick preview of some of the hands-on experiences that await you at VMworld this year.  

Orchestrate, Automate, and Optimize 5G Services   

Orchestrating 5G Network Services with VMware Telco Cloud Automation [2917]  

If you’re into cloud operations, check out this demo to see how VMware Telco Cloud Automation lets you orchestrate network resources across multiple domains to deliver 5G services. This demo presents the design and instantiation of a 5G service for an industrial application.  

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Operationalize and Automate Your 5G Core and RAN Service Assurance [2894]  

Have you ever imagined how modernization might bring momentum to your monitoring efforts? This demo illustrates how CSPs can deploy, monitor, manage and automate assured quality of services on a modernized cloud native network from the core to the RAN. This demo will showcase three key capabilities:  

  • CNF assurance 
  • Closed-loop automation and remediation 
  • End-to-end 5G core and RAN assurance 
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3 Easy Steps to Simplify Kubernetes and CNF Operations [2877] 

This demo illustrates how VMware uses its cloud-first automation to deploy Kubernetes and instantiate CNFs on a common horizontal telco cloud platform. The demo also showcases how the platform is programmatically provisioned and tailored to a specific CNF at the time of its instantiation. 

Multi-cloud operations on Amazon EKS [2875] 

VMware Telco Cloud Automation is extending its multi-cloud capabilities to support Amazon EKS. This demonstration shows how to deploy and manage network functions consistently on Amazon EKS. It presents the creation of a Kubernetes cluster in Amazon EKS, its registration on VMware Telco Cloud Automation, and the instantiation of two network functions. 

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This demo is complemented by a technical session titled Extending VMware Telco Cloud Automation on Amazon EKS [EDG2895]. Service providers are starting to leverage public cloud services as new data center capacity for specific network functions. VMware Telco Cloud Automation is extending its multi-cloud capabilities to support these workloads, first on Amazon EKS. This session explains how VMware Telco Cloud Automation provides a single pane of glass to manage network functions simultaneously on the on-premises and extended public cloud environments. This session is presented by Timea Laszlo, Technical Product Manager, VMware, and Sunil Vallamkonda, Senior Manager, VMware. 

Optimizing workload Placements at the 5G Edge with Vapor IO and VMware [2990]  

Have you ever found yourself between an edge and a smart place? This demo shows how VMware Telco Cloud Platform uses Vapor IO’s intelligent infrastructure APIs and telemetry to make real-time workload placement decisions to increase reliability, lower costs and optimize performance, including for mobile devices. The combination of Vapor IO’s Kinetic Grid platform and VMware Telco Cloud Platform can bring core internet capabilities to specific geographic areas to provide improved communications, including 5G, as well as the ability to service nearby businesses and venues with Industry 4.0 services and other next-generation applications. 

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This demo will give you feel for what’s behind the VMware and Vapor IO announcement that they are building a Multi-Cloud Services Grid that integrates VMware Telco Cloud Platform with Vapor IO’s Kinetic Grid platform, allowing developers and service operators to hypercompose grid services on-demand. The collaboration aims to greatly simplify and lower the costs of deploying distributed 5G systems and real-time applications by stitching together multiple cloud and edge environments into a unifying framework that can serve up resources for use, on-demand, across shared infrastructure.  

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Peer over the Edge  

Postcards from the Edge: See Enterprise Telco Use Cases for IoT and Media [2880] 

Need some ideas on how to generate new revenue for your service provider or enterprise? This demo showcases how VMware Telco Cloud Platform and VMware SASE enable service providers to extend their edge for enterprises. The demo looks at use cases spanning different industry verticals: Industry 4.0, smart city, and media CDN overlay. 

Implementing an AIOps Strategy with VMware Edge Network Intelligence [2952] 

This demo will highlight the importance of AIOps in today’s networks. Learn how VMware Edge Network Intelligence gathers data from diverse sources from different vendors (such as MIST, Zoom and VMware SD-WAN); facilitates correlation, baselining and automatic detection of anomalies; and drives toward problem resolution, recommendations and eventually remediation. 

How Can Communications Service Providers Monetize their Edge in 3 Steps [3300]  

5G brings the opportunity for CSPs to offer new, revenue-generating multi-access edge computing (MEC) use cases to enterprises. This demo walks you through three simple steps to turn a CSP’s infrastructure into a public edge hosting edge-ready applications across different industry verticals for today’s and future enterprise use cases. 

Transform the RAN and Discover Multi-Cloud 5G Reality  

Modernize to Monetize: Transform the RAN into a 5G Multiservice Hub [2878] 

This demo illustrates how CSPs can quickly scale their 5G RAN footprints by deploying the VMware RAN-optimized platform with automation. Virtualized RAN (vRAN) functions are instantiated by using the CI/CD pipeline, and underlying resources are programmatically provisioned to optimally support vRAN functions. The demo also highlights the flexibility enabled by the virtualization layer to build, deploy, and operate 5G applications on the same platform, transforming the RAN into a 5G multiservice hub. 

Making 5G a multi-cloud reality with VMware and AWS [2887] 

Achieving consistent and seamless multicloud management and operations by running virtualized and containerized network functions on both private telco clouds and VMware Cloud on AWS. The demo highlights how simple and fast it is to launch and migrate telco workloads from private telco clouds to AWS. 

Built for Partners: Accelerate Development of O-RAN Apps Using a RIC SDK [2883]  

This demo illustrates how RIC SDKs help ecosystem partners jump-start their O-RAN apps development using a set of resources, tools, and services. Discover how VMware’s app partners are using the SDKs to accelerate their app development. 

Clock in with Virtualized RAN Performance 

With nearly one hundred sessions in the Edge track this year, there are sessions for every interest across core, RAN and Edge. We’ll cover topics including automation, operations, multi-cloud networks, and we’ll deep dive into case studies and use cases. On a special note, we have two sessions that are focused on performance for vRAN. 

Clocking Accuracy for Distributed 5G RAN Using the Precision Time Protocol [EDG2870] 

Timing accuracy is fundamental to running radio access network (RAN) workloads. Learn how VMware vSphere utilizes the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) to meet the required levels of accuracy. This session features Andy Steven, Product Manager, VMware, and Tosin Olopade, Technical Product Line Manager, VMware. 

Demystifying Performance: Meeting Stringent Latency Requirements for RAN [EDG2872]  

Radio access network workloads have stringent performance requirements measured in microseconds. Learn about the optimizations VMware made to VMware ESXi to remove jitter and meet the requirements of these demanding applications. This session’s speakers are Balaji Ramanuja, Product Line Manager, ESXi, VMware, and Andy Steven, Product Manager, VMware. 

For more myth-busting information on RAN performance, check out our blog post titled RAN Workload Performance Is Equivalent on Bare Metal and vSphere

Wrapping Up 

We hope these demos and sessions will provoke your imagination, enliven your 5G discussions with colleagues, and help you blaze a fast path into the future of 5G, RAN, and edge with confidence and competence. VMware Telco Cloud Platform spans multiple domains, from the enterprise edge to multiple public clouds. VMworld is all about exploring this multi-dimensional, multi-cloud world, and discovering how the VMware Telco Cloud embraces it.   

For an executive-level view of all the upcoming sessions and various special guests, see the blog post titled Peering into the Edge (and Core and RAN) at VMworld.  

Join as at VMworld 2021 on October 5 and imagine that. 

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