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Peering into the Edge (and Core and RAN) at VMworld

5G is changing customer behavior and shedding light on edge opportunities.  

As we transition through mobile network generations there has always been a circular relationship between the forces of technology and the forces of society – advances in one drives advances in the other, and so on. With the evolution of 5G, there is no question that we’re starting to see the influence of customer behavior driving change in our network architectures. 

These changing customer expectations for how we work, how we live, and how we interact, are not only forcing network transformations but also creating opportunities for nearly every industry around the world.  

Service providers are modernizing their networks and operations to help their enterprise customers take advantage of these new opportunities. Opportunities which require a new focus for service delivery – one that’s closer to where customer data, applications and devices are. And this year at VMworld, we plan to jump head-first into that world at the edge.  


While we’ll certainly address the related network transformation at the near edge, we’ll also have plenty of discussions on how what’s happening at the far edge is changing what we do in the core and RAN.  With this transformation, we’re moving away from hardware orientations to software-based networks that can scale, self-heal, and operate with autonomy. If you’re looking to build a secure, performant and agile, future-ready network, VMworld is the place to learn more.  

Below is a sampling of demos and sessions including over 30 customers and partners planned for our service provider partners at #VMworld 2021.  

Full list of Edge Track Sessions 

BT Global CEO: How Modern Infrastructure Delivers Exceptional Experiences 

  • Sanjay Uppal, SVP & GM, Service Provider & Edge BU, VMware 
  • Bas Burger, CEO, Global, BT Global 

Dish is Empowering Limitless 5G Innovation in a Cloud Native World  

  • Sachin Katti, VP of Strategy, VMware 
  • Marc Rouanne, Exec VP/Chief Network Officer, DISH Network 
  • Caroline Chan, VP, GM Network Business Incubation, Intel 

A Catalyst for 5G Evolution: How the Ecosystem will be the Key to Success in 6G 

  • Kaniz Mahdi, VP Distributed Edge, Office of CTO, VMware 
  • Alex Choi, SVP Strategy & Technology Innovation (S&TI), Deutsche Telekom 
  • John Saw, Executive Vice President, Advanced & Emerging Technologies, T-Mobile 

Connect Humanity – Broadband for All 

  • Jessamine Chin, Sr. Director, Social Impact, VMware 
  • Stephen Spellicy, VP Product Marketing, Service Provider and Edge, VMware 
  • Jochai Ben-Avie, CEO, Connect Humanity 
  • Michael Castaldelli, Facebook 

Change-Making Cloud and Edge Use Cases 

  • Dominic Deacon, Director of Sales, Lumen 
  • David Shacochis, VP, Enterprise Portfolio Strategy, Lumen 
  • Chris Levanes, Head of Marketing, Asia-Pacific, Lumen Asia-Pacific 

Edge Computing Will be the Fastest Monetizing Service for CSPs 

  • Muneyb Minhazuddin, VP Edge Computing, VMware 
  • Emilio Jose Moreno Escobosa, Product Manager, Telefonica Tech 
  • Hisakazu Tsuboya, SVP, GM 5G & IoT Bus Dept, NTT Docomo 

Leveraging Accenture Labs for Real-World Cloud Transformation and 5G Ops Intel 

  • Simone Catenacci, Managing Director – Europe Telco Cloud Lead, Accenture 

The Future of Network Is Here, and It Is Open RAN 

  • Sachin Katti, VP of Strategy, VMware 
  • Francisco Martin, Group Head of Open RAN, Vodafone 
  • Daniele Franceschini, Tech Plan, Arch, Resilience and Regulatory Mgr, Telecom Italia 

Simplify the Complexities of a Cloud Native 5G Network 

  • Lakshmi Mandyam, VP Prod Mgmt and Partner Ecosystem, Service Provider & Edge, VMware 
  • Mauro Costa, Director, IT and Network Infra, Telia 

Demystifying Performance: Meeting Stringent Latency Requirements for RAN 

  • Andy Steven, Product Manager, VMware 
  • Balaji Ramanuja, Product Line Manager, ESXi, VMware 

Full list of VMware Edge Demos 


  • How Can Communications Service Providers Monetize Their Edge in 3 Steps 
  • Postcards from the Edge: See Enterprise Telco Use Cases for IoT and Media 
  • Implementing an AIOps Strategy with VMware Edge Network Intelligence 

RAN and 5G 

  • Modernize to Monetize: Transform the RAN into a 5G Multiservice Hub 
  • Making 5G a Multi-Cloud Reality with VMware and AWS 

Orchestration and Automation 

  • Orchestrating 5G Network Services with VMware Telco Cloud Automation 
  • Optimizing Workload Placements at the 5G Edge with Vapor IO and VMware 
  • Operationalize and Automate Your 5G Core and RAN Service Assurance 

For communications service providers, a secure and resilient edge will allow you to create a new portfolio of high-performance 5G services that can help your enterprise customers adapt to new realities.   

Join as at VMworld 2021, starting October 5th and be prepared to “Imagine that”.  


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