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Performance Matters

We've recently seen yet another round of claims about VMware Fusion’s performance. We take performance very seriously, so we dug into the published claims as well as their testing methodology.

We actually appreciate it when someone points out that they think we're not the best because it gives us an opportunity to verify our own assumptions, and revisit the always important question of where performance matters most to our users. When it comes to running Windows on a Mac, we find that our customers care most about stability, reliability, and getting work done.

So, when we run performance benchmarks, we focus on measuring tasks that are the kinds of things that our users actually do. We prefer tests that don't focus too intensely on one specific application type or another. Our experience is that benchmarks like PCWorld's WorldBench 6 and Microsoft's own Windows Experience Index give us a more balanced view of overall performance. This leads us to what we believe are more objective measurements of what a Windows user is likely to experience in the real world.

The Windows Experience Index
The Windows Experience Index performs five specific tests that measure processor, memory, general graphics, gaming graphics, and hard drive performance. When we ran these tests on three different Macs we found that VMware Fusion delivers world-class performance, with the added benefit of reliability and stability users have come to depend on from VMware.

The following chart shows the performance differences we measured on one of our test machines, including test runs with Boot Camp. We configured the two different test VMs as similarly as we were able to, making sure that both used the same settings for CPU, memory, and same type of virtual hard drive. We also ran each test 3 times; the chart is based on the average result of the 3 runs. (The results were highly consistent for all three test configurations; the averaging process didn't obscure any outliers.)


You may notice that hard drive performance is–counterintuitively–identical for Boot Camp. By default, Boot Camp partitions are placed by the Boot Camp Assistant at the very end of a disk. With hard drives, ie non-SSDs, there's a big performance difference between accessing data at the beginning and the end of a disk. Based on the hard data we measured, we could legitimately claim that our hard drive performance is equal to native performance. While factually accurate, such a claim would be thoroughly misleading. The reality is that if you put your Windows data at the very end of a hard disk, performance won’t be as good.

This is a clear example why we feel it's critical to both compare performance characteristics that really are equal as well as present the resulting data in context. This isn’t just important, but we feel it’s the only upfront way to do it.

In all fairness, we acknowledge that we have a little work to do on gaming graphics in order to meet the needs of hard core gamers. That said, VMware Fusion 3 successfully passes the Autodesk testing suite for AutoCAD 2010 and AutoCAD 2011. This should give VMware Fusion users the confidence to run important Windows- based 3D apps reliably on their Macs.
WorldBench 6
WorldBench 6 is the latest version of PCWorld's application-based benchmark suite that includes tests performed within Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk 3ds Max, Roxio VideoWave Movie Creator, and Mozilla Firefox. Each app is used as it would be in real-world situations, and the individual results are aggregated to derive a final, combined WorldBench score.
With WorldBench 6, VMware Fusion 3.1.2 is between 4 and 15 percent faster than Parallels Desktop 6, depending on the test hardware:


We know that users depend on VMware Fusion for running the apps they need for their work. To that end, we will continue to focus our energy on building the best Mac virtualization product for our customers. We remain very interested in hearing constructive criticism about VMware Fusion, and are delighted to be able to give you a little insight into how we think about performance, and why. 

Buzz Around Town, Welcome Macworld 2011
This is always a fun time of year. Mac enthusiasts (sometimes with their families) come to San Francisco for a few days of mingling with other Mac folk and checking out the latest and greatest.
The city is buzzing and it reminds us fondly of the conversations we had with many VMware Fusion users at previous Macworld events. We put together a little video with some highlights from last year:


While we're not exhibiting this year, don't think we're not wandering the show floor like everyone else, drinking in the atmosphere. We're very proud both of our Mac product, and of being part of the Mac community.

And for the token marketing plug, the VMware Online Store is hosting a special 20% off promotion in celebration of Macworld.  Combined with a $30 rebate, you can get VMware Fusion for $33.99 through 11:59PM PT on Saturday night (January 29).  Happy Macworld!

Get 50% VMware Fusion 3 for 3 days only!


Limited Time Offer!
The VMware Fusion team is excited to announce that starting tonight at Midnight, VMware Fusion 3 will be available for a record low price of $39.99!  That's 50% off, so don’t wait, buy it now!  This offer is valid from Monday, November 29 through Wednesday December 1, 2010 at 11:59PM PST (or 7:59AM GMT on December 2, 2010).

And for existing VMware Fusion users, or users of Parallels Desktop for Mac, you may have already heard of the other incredible promotion that we launched earlier this year: Upgrade to VMware Fusion 3 for only $9.99!  With this offer, we really wanted to make it easy for existing VMware and Parallels customers to get access to over 80 new features in VMware Fusion 3.

Buy VMware Fusion 3 for $39.99: vmware.com/go/buyfusion
Upgrade to VMware Fusion 3 for $9.99: vmware.com/go/unparalleled   

For Technical Professionals
Technical professionals can use VMware Workstation to develop, test, demo, and deploy software. VMware Workstation is an integral component of any serious technical professional’s toolkit.  Also get 30% off VMware Workstation for Cyber Monday — expires Wednesday, Dec 1!

Hope these offers add some cheer to your holiday season!

Get Money Back When You Buy VMware Fusion

The VMware Fusion Team is excited to announce a limited time offer for anyone who is new to running Windows on their Mac and purchases VMware Fusion 3 between October 15 and December 31, 2010.

Last night we unveiled a promotion, good through the holiday season, for new VMware Fusion users to  get $30 back after purchasing VMware Fusion 3.  And if you live outside the Americas, we've got a rebate for you too!

When you buy VMware Fusion 3 outside of the US and Canada (in any of the eligible countries listed below), you can get money back in your local currency.  See rebate amounts listed below:

And for existing VMware Fusion users, or users of Parallels Desktop for Mac, you may have already heard of the other incredible promotion that’s we launched a few weeks ago: Upgrade to VMware Fusion 3 for only $9.99!  With this offer, we really wanted to make it easy for existing VMware and Parallels customers to get VMware Fusion 3.

If you’re deciding whether you want VMware Fusion 3 – and if this money back offer still doesn’t have you convinced – here are some other considerations:

  • Mac computers are sleek and awesome.  You wish you needed to use a PC.  VMware Fusion makes that easy.
  • VMware brings more than 12 years of stable and reliable virtualization experience to the Mac, so you can run your most important applications fearlessly (we certainly do).
  • Run Windows, the Mac way.  Windows apps run like Mac apps and respond to Mac shortcuts and commands.
  • VMware Fusion 3 comes with a complementary 12-month subscription to anti-virus software so you can protect your Mac and run Windows safely.
  • If you think virtualization is confusing, don’t stress – VMware offers 12 months of complementary email support (in English) with every purchase of VMware Fusion 3.

Buy VMware Fusion 3 and get $30 back: vmware.com/go/buyfusion
Upgrade to VMware Fusion 3 for $9.99: vmware.com/go/unparalleled   
Learn more about the $30 Rebate Offer: vmware.com/go/rebates

VMware Fusion at VMworld 2010

The Community

We’ve seen from Twitter and
Foursquare that many of you
have swarmed to San Francisco and joined us at the Welcome Reception at VMworld
2010 yesterday.  We just wanted to share  a quick post about what’s
going on with VMware Fusion so you don’t miss out on all the

Visit the VMware Fusion Pod at the VMware Booth and get a
“<3 VMware” Sticker for your Mac.


If you’re as excited as we are by these stickers, make sure to stop by our pod at the VMware Booth and pick up your sticker now through Thursday (while supplies last).  When you stop by, feel free to ask us any questions you might have or pick our brains for anything related to VMware Fusion.

VMware Fusion

“Put VMware Fusion to Work for Your Business”

Wednesday, September 1, 2010 at 10:30am

Moscone West Room

Stephan Somogyi from Team VMware Fusion will be sharing some information on how VMware Fusion
can be used in a work environment.  Join us to learn about
deploying Macs in the work environment with the help of VMware

This session will provide
attendees with an overview on VMware Fusion 3.1, its features, competitive
advantages and typical use cases. It will also provide some guidance on how to
plan for a wide deployment of VMware Fusion, related support options and tips
and tricks.


“VMware Fusion Birds of a Feather” 

Tuesday, August 31, 2010 at 2:00pm

Moscone West Alcove

If you don’t already know what a BoF is, check out this great summary on
Wikipedia.  Eric Tung, a VMware Fusion engineer, will be leading this
informal session and answering questions about VMware Fusion

Looking forward to connecting with many of you this

-Team VMware

VMware Fusion 3.1 Release Candidate Now Available

Hi everyone,

Wanted to let you know that the VMware Fusion 3.1 Release Candidate is now available. This release candidate is the last public pre-release build of VMware Fusion 3.1.

If you are currently participating in the beta, you will be automatically prompted that the new version is available to be downloaded and installed. If you disabled automatic software updates, you should check for updates manually or download the latest version from the VMware Fusion Beta Community

If you are using the current expiring beta serial number, enter the following new serial number in VMware Fusion 3.1's License Window:

License Key: H50AZ-H0113-4838A-0J2UK-24T4C
(expires July 15, 2010)

We have made several improvements based on the feedback provided during the beta testing.

Key improvements since the VMware Fusion 3.1 beta include:

  • More Responsiveness: Much better responsiveness of resumed virtual machines and faster disk performance overall
  • Faster Graphics Performance: Improved performance and better compatibility for both DirectX 9 and OpenGL 3D apps
  • Unity Better Than Ever: Support for overlapping Unity windows in Exposé and Dock Exposé
  • OVFTool 2: Import and export OVF packaged virtual machines and upload to vSphere with bundled OVFTool

 Please update your beta installation to the release candidate and let us know what you think.

Winners of the VMware Fusion “Refuse to Choose” Contest Announced!

It’s time.  Drum roll please…. 

Team VMware Fusion has selected the winners of the SXSW 2010 “Refuse to Choose” contest.  We saw a lot of enthusiasm and enjoyed seeing the fusions that you came up with.  The winners won us over with their creativity, priceless facial expressions, witty captions and dedication to the VMware Fusion brand.  

Hiphopbaby_winner Winning Caption: "YoYo MaMa: What? Baby HipHopssical loves her fresh beats."

Congratulations to Sonja Spray and Chris Sigmund who will bring “Baby Hip-Hopssical” into the world with 2 brand new MacBook Pros.    

A few other "honorable mention fusions" are shown below.  If only we could have chosen a few more grand prize winners!:

Empirebel Empirebel strikes back!

Digilog does Vegas

Dinorina If the contest called for "Most Adorable Fusion" these two would have won.  Hands down.

Thanks to all of our contestants who entered – we will award each and every one of you with your own copy of VMware Fusion 3!

Refuse to Choose and Enter to Win a Macbook Pro by April 8!

Did you catch the VMware Fusion cupcakes and "refuse to choose" t-shirts at SXSW 2010?  We enjoyed spreading the word about VMware Fusion to thousands of Mac users through sugar, t-shirts and a ton of laughs.  For those who refuse to choose, the Madcakes Bakery created these special "Fusion" cupcakes, with half vanilla and half double chocolate chip (covered with delicious), sparing the public the struggle of choosing between their two favorite flavors:

0_madcakesVMware Fusion Madcakes Mobile at SXSW 2010 in Austin, TX

9_madcake Vanilla and Double Chocolate Chip "Fusion cupcake" at SXSW 2010

But as coverage from SXSW 2010 comes to a wrap, we're happy to share that we've extended the VMware Fusion SXSW "Refuse to Choose" contest deadline through this Thursday, April 8.

With VMware Fusion, you can be a Mac…and a PC! Fuse with your opposite and enter for a chance to win a MacBook Pro.
If you are sporting a fusion t-shirt from SXSW, find your opposite and post a picture of the two of you on our
VMware Fusion Facebook page. If not, then post a photo of your own creative fusion! Ohio State and Michigan?
Rich and Poor? Safe and Sorry? We want to see what you can come up with.

Here are some creative examples currently in the running:

1_chezfusionHiphopssical at Chez Fusion

3_hiphopbabyHiphop|Classical Parenting

Macbook meets Facebook


5_democrublicanDemocrublican Split Personality

6_hamburgetarian Hamburgetarian

To enter, just follow these simple steps:

1. Fill out the contest entry form by entering your name and e-mail. Be sure to use the same name and e-mail that is displayed in your Facebook account.

2. Become a fan of the VMware Fusion Facebook page.

3. Upload your fusion photo for judging on the VMware Fusion Facebook Wall.

Tag yourself in the photo.  Don't forget this important step – this is
how you can become one of two lucky winners of a new MacBook Pro.

To participate in the VMware Fusion "Refuse to Choose" Contest (the "Contest"), you must be at
least 18 years old and a legal resident of the United States.  Additional terms and conditions apply.

Entries will be accepted until 11:59PM PT on Thursday, April 8, so get your cameras out now and have some fun!

VMware Fusion 3.1 Beta Now Available

The VMware Fusion 3.1 Beta is now available at http://communities.vmware.com/community/beta/fusion.

This beta software includes 10+ new and improved features including:

  • More Powerful Graphics Performance for Games & 3D Apps:
    OpenGL 2.1 support for Windows Vista and Windows 7, DirectX 9.0 SM3
    performance improvements, Windows Aero performance improvements, better
    OpenGL compatibility for modeling apps
  • Improved USB Support:
    USB "EasyConnect" makes it simple to assign a USB device to a virtual
    machine or your Mac and then remembers preferred settings for each USB
  • Support for larger virtual machines: 8-way SMP support added, maximum virtual hard disk size increased from 950 GB to 2 TB
  • Improved Boot Camp Support:
    Improved disk performance for your Boot Camp VMs, better handling of
    disk configuration changes to avoid duplicate entries, option to avoid
    authentication dialogs when using a Boot Camp virtual machine
  • PC Migration Improvements: Migration status displayed on PC, now avoids port conflicts, guest account issues on Mac OS X now resolved
  • User Experience Improvement Program:
    VMware uses information obtained through the User Experience
    Improvement Program to improve the quality, reliability, and
    performance of our products and to plan our future development and
    testing. Participation in the program is voluntary and you can opt out
    at any time.
  • Many Additional UI Improvements and Various Fixes: See the VMware Fusion 3.1 Beta Release Notes for more information.

We look forward to hearing your feedback.  Please post all of your comments or questions in the Beta forums!

VMware Fusion 3: The “Reader’s Choice” Winner

Reader's Choice Awards 2010 - The Results are In!VMware Fusion is the BEST Way to Run Windows on your Mac  

Well, friends.  The results are in and VMware Fusion 3 took the top spot in this year's About.com Readers' Choice Awards.  In the category of "Best Applications for Running Windows" VMware crossed the finish line with 52% of the vote in a category with four additional players!

Just wanted to share the good news and thank the Fusion community for your votes and ongoing support.

Reader’s Choice? Voting for VMware Fusion 3 ends Tomorrow!

Whew.  With Macworld 1020 now behind us, we are extremely energized by being on the show floor and spending time with the dedicated Mac community.

Speaking to various VMware Fusion who came by to say "hi" was as enlightening as ever — especially when we heard about the wide range of uses for VMware Fusion software!  From wizard games and sewing machine plug-ins to operations management software, we were pleased to hear from VMware Fusion users that are able to address their PC computing needs on their Macs.

Here's a snapshot of what some of them had to say: 

For those of you that came by during the event, thanks for taking the time to talk to us.  We really enjoyed hearing your VMware Fusion stories.

Also, we learned that VMware Fusion 3 is up for the About.com Reader’s Choice award! VOTING ENDS TOMORROW, so if you (or someone you know) is a happy VMware Fusion, please vote today.

Vote for VMware Fusion 3

 Last chance to vote is tomorrow, February 25, so please spread the word, and vote soon!