VMware Fusion 3.1 Release Candidate Now Available

Hi everyone,

Wanted to let you know that the VMware Fusion 3.1 Release Candidate is now available. This release candidate is the last public pre-release build of VMware Fusion 3.1.

If you are currently participating in the beta, you will be automatically prompted that the new version is available to be downloaded and installed. If you disabled automatic software updates, you should check for updates manually or download the latest version from the VMware Fusion Beta Community

If you are using the current expiring beta serial number, enter the following new serial number in VMware Fusion 3.1's License Window:

License Key: H50AZ-H0113-4838A-0J2UK-24T4C
(expires July 15, 2010)

We have made several improvements based on the feedback provided during the beta testing.

Key improvements since the VMware Fusion 3.1 beta include:

  • More Responsiveness: Much better responsiveness of resumed virtual machines and faster disk performance overall
  • Faster Graphics Performance: Improved performance and better compatibility for both DirectX 9 and OpenGL 3D apps
  • Unity Better Than Ever: Support for overlapping Unity windows in Exposé and Dock Exposé
  • OVFTool 2: Import and export OVF packaged virtual machines and upload to vSphere with bundled OVFTool

 Please update your beta installation to the release candidate and let us know what you think.


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