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35% Off VMware Fusion 2 – Today Only!

VMware Online Store – One Day Bloggers Sale

If you don't already have VMware Fusion 2, or have been thinking about
getting a copy for a friend or family member, get it today for 35% off at the VMware online store.

Apply discount code “FUSIONROCKS” at checkout.  Offer ends at Midnight PT on October 1.  Buy now


5 thoughts on “35% Off VMware Fusion 2 – Today Only!

  1. Yeroc

    Hmm…I get an error “Invalid promo code” when I try to use it.

  2. Minesh

    Same error for me as well 🙁

  3. Minesh

    Seem to work now with the new code “FUSIONROCKS” 🙂

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