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VMware Marketplace Benefits from a Partner’s Point of View

Author: Patrick Townsend, Founder and CEO, Townsend Security  

VMware Marketplace offers a variety of benefits to Partners – but don’t take our word for it! Read below to hear directly from a VMware Marketplace publisher, Townsend Security, about the benefits his company enjoys by listing their solution, Alliance Key Manager, on VMware Marketplace.  

There is a lot to like about the new VMware Marketplace, both as a vendor and as a customer. Here at Townsend Security, we are celebrating a decade of experience as a VMware partner and as a participant in the VMware Marketplace. Here are a few thoughts on the value we see in the Marketplace: 

  • VMware takes its partner program seriously. Partners are vetted to ensure they have relevant expertise in VMware technologies and re-assessed on a regular basis. Having partners with a provable depth of knowledge in VMware technology builds confidence and trust on the part of customers. 
  • VMware provides certification programs to vendors to prove that the vendor solution is interoperable and compatible with VMware technologies. Getting certified by VMware helped our customers have confidence that our solution would work as advertised with their VMware stack. By providing and monitoring the certification process, VMware contributes to the confidence and trust that customers have in our solutions. 
  • VMware provided us with access to their internal experts. This helped us get answers to our questions and build better products. We didn’t have to guess about best practices for VMware integration, we had experienced guidance from VMware experts! 
  • As a vendor, we’ve benefited from the Marketplace as a fantastic source of leads. When we ask our customer prospects how they found us, a big percentage say “VMware marketplace”. Given the low cost of the VMware partner program, publishing our solution on the Marketplace has been a big win for us.  
  • VMware recently launched the ability for customers to purchase vendor solutions directly from the Marketplace. This is another great enhancement for the Marketplace! VMware makes it easy for customers to access solutions online, try them out, and purchase them by leveraging pre-established purchase motions. And the commercial terms for Marketplace sales are extremely beneficial to the vendor. A big win all around! 

For all of these reasons, we’ve found our partner relationship with VMware to be heads and shoulders above any other partner relationship. As a vendor, if you are not taking advantage of the VMware Marketplace, you are missing a big opportunity. It is easy to get started and you will find a knowledgeable team ready to help. 

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