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Deepfake Attacks and Cyber Extortion are the Focus of New VMware Report

On day one of Black Hat USA 2022, we at VMware published our eighth annual Global Incident Response Threat Report. This report measures the cybersecurity landscape and highlights the challenges from the perspective of incident responders. This year we discovered many unique threats surrounding deepfake attacks and extortion that cost enterprises a significant amount time, money, and other resources to battle. As we all know, Ransomware has been a growing problem the last few years and this report only reinforces the seriousness of these extortionary tactics.

Not only that, but attackers aren’t just breaching your defenses and taking what they want in one fell swoop. These days attackers are “living off the land” and utilizing lateral pathways to exploit their targets. This means that even legitimate software in your ecosystem is being abused as a gateway to other valuable targets for hackers. Our new Global Incident Response Threat Report goes into greater detail on all of this and more.

We’ve put together a summary infographic that highlights some of the key takeaways of the report down below, however if you want to download the report you can find it here:

Download the 2022 Global Incident Response Threat Report

GIRTR Report on Deepfake Attacks and Cyber Extortion

This isn’t the last time you’ll hear of deepfakes, ransomware, and extortion. As these threats continue to grow, your organization will need up-to-date intelligence, best practices, and a modern security infrastructure to guard your valuable assets. If you’re looking for more information on current threats, announcements, guides, and VMware security updates, make sure you check back in to the VMware Security Blog.