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How to Get Your Code Upstream


It’s not always obvious what really helps when it comes to getting your code upstream (i.e. accepted by core project maintainers). So, here’s a short primer based on my long experience as a Linux kernel developer and maintainer. First, why would you want to get your code upstream? For one thing, it reduces technical debt. Read more...
Embedded Recipes

Attending Embedded Recipes and Kernel Recipes in Paris


At the end of September, I attended the double conference Embedded Recipes followed by Kernel Recipes. Embedded Recipes is, as the name suggests, focuses on Linux in the embedded space (things other than computers). Kernel Recipes, on the other hand, focuses on the technical aspects of the Linux kernel. These conferences are unique, as they Read more...

KernelShark — The Future of Trace Data Visualization


KernelShark, the open source graphical user interface or tracing data that gives users a view of the events happening within the Linux kernel, has proven useful for many kernel developers—but it’s not without its limitations. That’s why we’re now in the process of completely rewriting KernelShark, rebuilding it on a more solid platform and readying it Read more...

Spork! An Open Source Fork Utensil


Recently at the Open Source Summit in Tokyo, I was on the kernel panel where someone asked us, “Why hasn’t Linux forked?” The entire panel looked at each other, sorta laughed and we all said the same thing: “What do you mean? It has forked several times, and it is still forking!” A Little History Read more...