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software development
I’m a word person—the way some people hear music, that’s how I hear words. Some people can astutely peer through a thicket of software code to spot the one flaw, like a missing comma. Meanwhile, I can zero in on a misplaced modifier or swiftly invert a sentence to bring a muddled thought to light.

In the world of software development, I’ve discovered an entirely new and vibrant “second language” – common and not so comment phrases, words, and concepts applied in a new way. From “bike shedding” to “yak shaving,” the language of developers is alive with colorful—and often hidden—meaning, if you can break the code that is.

The Oxford English Dictionary editors put out a call recently for those in specific trades to reveal their secrets and submit those phrases, words, and expressions unique to that world or industry. So, sit back and think about the words you use in your job every day. It may be clear to you, but most likely it’s jargon to the rest of the world. Go to the OED site for more information and to submit your word suggestions. Who knows, it may end up in the next edition of the OED!

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