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7 of the Best Open Source Quotes from VMworld 2017

Top VMworld open source Quotes from VMworld 2017VMworld 2017 was VMware’s biggest showing of open source at VMworld to date! Here is a collection of our top seven favorite quotes from VMworld’s open source sessions.

1. Open Source at VMware: A Key Ingredient to Our Success and Yours [LDT1844BU]

“Open source is a powerful methodology for innovation and the development of APIs.”

—Dirk Hohndel, VMware Chief Open Source Officer

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2. VMware and Open Source: Compliance, Quality, and Viability [FUT1226BU]

“Open source is mainstream. Open source is a strategic part of every company’s software portfolio.”

— Meng Chow, VMware Open Source Program Manager

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3. Open Source at VMware: A Key Ingredient to Our Success and Yours [LDT1844BU]

“[With open source], you need to think about scale. It’s easy when it’s small, but at 30 million users, things get hard.”

—Dirk Hohndel, VMware Chief Open Source Officer

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4. VMware Open-Source SDKs: From Getting Started to Web App in One Hour [SER1912BU]

“VMware is finally aligned and listening to their customers and consumers of the VMware API. The improvements in their open source SDKs allow us to provide feedback and contributions, as well as a much simpler mechanism to adopt the information quicker. I wish this could have been done years ago!”

—Alan Renouf, VMware Senior Product Line Manager

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5.  Simplifying Your Open-Source Cloud with VMware [FUT3076BU]

“VMware embraces open source innovation by making it enterprise ready.”

—Edward Blackwell, VMware Global Accounts Principal Systems Engineer

“This was a tipping point in the presentation leading the audience to inquiry on previously discussed challenges with open source; thus, the audience was pleasantly intrigued and wanted to learn more,” Edward said about his experience as a presenter.

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6. VMware and Open Source: Compliance, Quality, and Viability [FUT1226BU]

“Security + viability = quality.”

—Norman Scroggins, Senior Open Source Program Manager

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7. Women and Diversity in Tech: Disruption and Inclusion [VMinclusion]

“Inclusion, to me, means that we are innovative. Diversity requires intention. It does not happen by accident.”

— Nithya Ruff, Senior Director of Open Source Practice at Comcast.

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