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Watch On-Demand: Tiejun Chen Talks “Unikernels and Explorations” at Open Source Summit North America

Earlier this month, The Linux Foundation hosted Open Source Summit North America in Los Angeles. The technical conference hosted more than 2,000 technologists and open source community members who collaborated and shared insights across a wide variety of topics.

Tiejun Chen, an open source expert and VMware China staff engineer, tackled unikernels in his presentation, “Unikernels and Explorations.” Unikernels are specialized, single-address-space machine images constructed using library operating systems (OS).

In his unikernals presentation, Tiejun delved into the major challenges facing unikernels and explored how developers can construct the best platform for running unikernel cases—like converting Linux as unikernel—for greater performance and convenience of these specialized machine images.

Compared to the traditional virtual machine (VMs) or containers, unikernels are ideal for cloud environments because they:

  • Offer more efficiency and security
  • Leave smaller footprints
  • Enable greater optimization and faster boot times

With all these benefits, why haven’t unikernels gained wider popularity?

Watch Tiejun’s full Open Source Summit North America unikernals presentation, “Unikernels and Explorations,” below, courtesy of The Linux Foundation.

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