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The Open Networking Summit (ONS) April 3-6 is the industry’s premier open networking & orchestration event. This year’s show in Santa Clara will gathers enterprise, cloud and Service Providers to share insights, highlight innovation and discuss the future of the open source networking technology.

Open Networking Summit: Visit the VMware open source team

As an active participant in the open networking space, it’s no surprise that VMware will be at the conference, hosting a variety of sessions around everything from containers to the Open vSwitch project. Take a closer look below:

Container Networking – A Deep Dive

Monday April 3rd, 9am-10am

Speaker: Gaetano Borgione, Sr. Engineer, Cloud-Native Architecture, VMware

This session will present an overview of distributed development, how CNI and CNM models work, and how container frameworks use these models for networking. Gaetano Borgione will also discuss the additional functions users need to consider in the control plane and data plane to achieve operational scale and efficiency.

OVS Roadmap Discussion

Thursday April 6th, 11:30am-12:20pm

Speakers: Justin Pettit, OVS Core Developer; Ben Pfaff, Principal Engineer, VMware

During this session, you’ll join two founding employees at Nicira, now at VMware, in Justin Pettit and Ben Pfaff. Justin, a lead developer on the Open vSwitch project, was a co-creator of OpenFlow, working on both the specification and reference implementation. Ben, also a lead developer on the Open vSwitch project, also led the development effort of the OpenFlow reference implementation. This presentation will give attendees an overview of the current state of Open vSwitch (OVS) and OVN, a new network virtualization project that brings virtual networking to the OVS user community. Ben and Justin will also discuss future plans for OVS and OVN.

IO Visor Roadmap

Thursday April 6th, 1:40pm-2:30pm

Speakers: Wendy Cartee, Chairperson, IO Visor Project; Deepa Kalani, Senior Engineer, IO Visor Project

The IO Visor Project is a Linux Foundation project driving in-kernel data path that is fully programmable at runtime. This session, led by VMware’s own Deepa Kalani and Wendy Cartee (chairperson of IO Visor Project), will explain how IO visor works, giving an overview of use cases for SDN and NFV such as running VNFs in kernel, running SDN on CPU-agnostic platforms, pre-stack processing for filtering DDoS attacks, to name a few!

Containers & Networking Panel Discussion

Monday April 3rd, 3:30pm-4:20pm

Panelists: To be Announced

Join container and networking experts at the Open Networking Summit during this informative panel.

We hope to see you in Santa Clara! To learn more about the Open Networking Summit, click here.

For the latest updates around the open source community and how VMware is contributing, stay tuned to the VMware Open Source Blog.