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Why We Love VMware Aria Cost

Happy Valentine’s Day from VMware Aria Cost powered CloudHealth (formerly CloudHealth)!

In honor of it being February 14th, our team wanted to share why we love VMware Aria Cost powered by CloudHealth.

See why we love VMware Aria Cost powered by CloudHealth:

“In addition to being a leader in cloud financial management, VMware Aria Cost powered by CloudHealth is an invaluable educational resource for learning how to efficiently and successfully operate in the cloud. This is extremely important in our interactions with customers, but equally so in our internal interactions as they become opportunities to share expertise and learn from each other.  I often find myself deep inside the rabbit hole of a slack discussion between colleagues and am especially appreciative of the fact that everyone feels empowered to ask and answer questions, no matter their role or level of experience.”

Dan Naparstek, Product Marketing Manager 

“VMware Aria Cost powered by CloudHealth was one of my first ventures into the world of Cloud. At my first, overwhelmed glance, I was amazed at how complex and confusing everything could be. The Cloud was supposed to make things easy… But VMware Aria Cost powered by CloudHealth made it simple and digestible in order for me to get my sea legs in this new unknown world. The depth of visibility and control that the platform immediately impressed me and, frankly, got me excited to jump into the world of Cloud. I love how much easier VMware Aria Cost has made learning the cloud and ultimately helping to manage an organization running in the cloud.”  

TJ March, Sr. Technical Marketing Architect 

“I love being part of an engineering organization that continually improves itself.  It’s great to work with smart people who love enhancing cloud cost savings for our customers.” 

James Cialdea, Engineering Manager  

“I love working at VMware and more specifically with the VMware Aria Cost powered by CloudHealth teams. In my role, I get to see how my enablement initiatives positively impact those on the sales floor and behind the scenes.” 

Michaela Friedman, Sales Enablement Manager 

“I love working with customers to help them better understand the data they see within VMware Aria Cost and then use that data to drive optimizations across their cloud environments. It is even better when those you teach turn around and teach others to drive adoption of the platform across multiple business units.”  

Alex Tynell, Senior Technical Account Manager

“I love working with customers and helping build better products to solve their problems managing clouds. VMware Aria Cost has an amazing team which is customer obsessed and innovates to solve their challenges managing cloud environments.”

Pavan Chavva, Product Line Manager

“The thing I love most about working with our prospective customers, is that with VMware Aria Cost powered by CloudHealth we’re able to help them to implement meaningful solutions that unlock the value in their multi-cloud environments.”

Mike Mouchantat, Staff Cloud Solution Architect, Team Lead

“What I love about working with the VMware Aria Cost powered by CloudHealth team is how everyone is willing to help each other out. Doesn’t matter the department or what a person’s role is, everyone works hard to find solutions, and enhance the customer experience.” 

Elly Grekin, Manager, Education Services 

“I love working at VMware because of the people. The VMware Aria Cost sales team is a special group that collaborates with multiple teams across the business, working together to help our customers solve their FinOps challenges.” 

Gaby Veloz, Sr. Solutions Sales Management  


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