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VMware Aria Automation February (8.11.1) – Customized Email Notifications

With February 2023 Aria Automation launch the cloud administrator can now customize the email notifications that the users in your organization receive about events, called Scenarios in Service Broker.

It is now possible to replace the default VMware logo and company name as well as the text content in the email notifications for several types of events (shown below) that your users receive with the logo of your company while perhaps changing the background color in the header and the footer to match your company’s own color scheme.

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Customize Email Notification Branding

To replace the default VMware logo and company name in the email notifications (show below) that your users receive with the logo of your company or perhaps you want to change the background color in the header and the footer.

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  • Login as a Service Broker Administrator
  • Select Content and Policies > Notifications > Scenarios.
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You will be able here to edit both the header and the footer and then preview the impact of the change. In our example here we changed a few things in the Header like the background html color code, the logo image and the title.

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which resulted to the branding (shown below) when you switch to the Preview tab. Once the branding is saved it then gets applied across all the notification templates.

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Please note that you can always revert back to default any time you want to.

Customize Email Content

You can edit the email body for each notification scenario and utilize deployment attributes in the text.

As a cloud administrator, you want to craft an email notification that informs your developers when a cloud service is provisioned and provides details about the deployment.

In this scenario, you can add the deployment name to the subject of an email notification.

  • Login as a Service Broker Administrator
  • Select Content and Policies > Notifications > Scenarios.
  • Click the arrows >> on the notification you want to customize and as a result, a preview of the notification email will appear on the right.

Notice how the shared branding we did previously is applied on the Deployment Lease Expired scenario.

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  • Click CUSTOMIZE to edit the scenario notification.
  • For our example will be adding the deployment name to the subject line.
  • Click to expand Scenario attributes > Properties under Dynamic attributes
  • Click the clipboard icon next to the name(string) property and paste it after the word Deployment in the subject line.
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if we check the scenario preview again, we can see there is now a place holder called test_name in the subject line for the deployment name.

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Finally you have the option to send an test email by clicking SEND TEST to an email of your choice or revert back to default anytime you want to, by clicking REVERT TO DEFAULT.


Customers can now customize the look and feel of notification emails sent out from VMware Aria Automation. The email header and footer can be changed to be standardized to your organization’s branding requirements across all notification templates. For each notification scenario, customers can now edit the email’s body text and utilize dynamic attributes of deployments in the text.

Until Next time, happy email customization!

For more info or questions on this, reach out to Maher on Twitter


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