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What’s New in VMware Aria Operations* – January 2023

*Formerly vRealize Operations

Happy New Year! With this new year comes a new release of VMware Aria Operations (SaaS). We have many new and exciting features including new high availablility for application monitoring using Telegraf, new public cloud actions for Automation Central, enhancements for Oracle Cloud VMware Solution and more. As a reminder, VMware Aria Operations receives all new features and enhancements throughout the year with VMware Aria Operations (deployed on-premises) receiving the updates later in the year.

High Availability for Application Monitoring using Telegraf

Starting with our most exciting feature, we are introducing a new high availability option for application monitoring using Telegraf. In the past, the only option was to collect data from your end points, using Telegraf to push them to VMware Aria Operations via the single cloud proxy connected to that endpoint. Now you have the ability to choose the new option, which allows you to select collector groups – so if one cloud proxy in the group fails, your application monitoring data can still flow in from another cloud proxy in the group.

Above you’ll see that you can easily enable high availability and select which cloud proxies you want in your group. When you are looking at your different cloud proxies, you will also be able to filter by groups or single cloud proxies.

Additional Public Cloud actions for Automation Central

We are expanding upon the supported optimization actions in Automation Central to include the ability to schedule actions for on/off/reboot for public cloud instances. In Automation Central you’ll now have the ability choose the adapter and object type and select your action. The wizard will help you as you select which specific VMs that you want affected, filter your criteria and set your schedule.

Enhancements for Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS)

Another very exciting announcement we have is that we have simplified the onboarding process for Oracle Cloud VMware Solution in VMware Aria Operations. OCVS is a VMware Cloud residing on Oracle infrastructure, however it is a fully customer managed solution – with full administration control, including root access.

OCVS is available in over 40 locations globally and is now available as a dedicated cloud account for OCVS in VMware Aria Operations under the Integrations tab. After adding OCID Credentials you will be able to configure individual SDDCs and start monitoring OCVS.

In addition to easier onboarding there is also new object traversal and summary pages where you can navigate through the OCVS organization and SDDC. You can see how many clusters, ESXI hosts and VMs are within that org, their topology as well as any active alerts.

Aggregate Business Level Application Metrics for Synthetic Monitoring

One of our biggest announcements at VMware Explore last year was the addition of Synthetic Monitoring. Now you can see that we’ve added in metrics to aggregate average monitoring metrics at the business application level, giving you the ability to see high level metrics how you want to.

Cloudian Storage for VMware Cloud Provider Program

For partners that are a part of the VMware VMware Cloud Provider Program, we have added metering for Cloudian Storage in VMware Chargeback. For additional details around the recent releases for VMware Chargeback, see the release blog.

Looking for more?

This blog is a highlight of the features released this quarter. For full details on this exciting new release, be sure to check out the release notes. If you want to learn more about how VMware Aria Operations can help you and your organization then head over to VMware Pathfinder. Request a trial of VMware Aria Operations, engage in a VMware Aria Operations Cloud hands on lab, or request a conversation with one of our experts today.


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