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What’s New in Aria Operations for Logs – November 2022 Release

We have some huge feature announcements for our November 2022 release of Aria Operations for Logs! One of the most asked for features, dropping of logs before ingestion, has been implemented. We also have a new multi-availability zone architecture for improved resiliency, further integration with Aria Operations for Logs on-premises, and more.

Pre-Ingestion Log Filtering

For all of our customers having trouble keeping under their ingestion limits for Aria Logs, we now allow filtering and dropping of events before ingestion. Now in the ‘Filter Logs’ section, we have a ‘Filter at Source’ toggle that allows you to filter specified logs before they are ingested into Aria Logs.

This feature only works if you are using a cloud proxy or cloud native collector, so if you’re sending events via Aria Logs on-prem integration or HTTP, dropping logs before ingestion isn’t supported yet.

Multi-AZ Support

Aria Operations for Logs is now multi availability zone aware, meaning we have a new clustered architecture so that if one of our availability zones were to go down, we would still have access to the non-indexed partitions in our Aria Logs instance. Additionally, Aria Logs will cache incoming events at the SDDC layer until the AZ is back up and ingestion can occur again.

Integration with on-premises Aria Operations for Logs

You can now see your on-prem Aria Operations for Logs clusters and nodes Aria Operations Logs Cloud, and their status. This is part our effort to federate Aria Logs into one single pane of glass.

SSL Support in Log Forwarding to TCP Endpoints

There is now the option to forward using SSL encryption to a 3rd party endpoint using TCP. This allows more secure communication between Aria Logs and your other 3rd party log aggregators.

That’s a wrap on the new features in our November 2022 release of Aria Operations for Logs. Please give them a try and give us your feedback via your account team, or via our VMware socials.


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