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Reporting – The CloudHealth Basics

Welcome back!

Welcome to the fourth blog of the series The CloudHealth Basics. If you missed it, we have gone through an overview of the platform as well as the key capabilities of user roles and permissions and operations, and today we are here to tackle the good stuff – reporting.

Why do I say the “good stuff?” Our reporting capabilities is what draws a lot of users in. Great reporting in cloud management not only allows visibility into what is happening in your clouds and who is doing what, but what actions should be taken. Essentially, reporting puts the power in our users’ hands. Knowledge is power and good reporting gives you the knowledge of what’s happening in your clouds and what you should do about it.

CloudHealth provides an array of different reports to give you the ultimate cloud management visibility (power!). But, for today we will go over just three types of reports for “Basics” – Cost Summary Report, Health Check Report, and FlexReports.

And of course if you are interested in learning about our other reports right now, be sure to reach out to us for more details and sign up for a free trial.

Cost Summary Report

Subscription based reporting for timely information and collaboration

What is it?

The Cost Summary Report is a management report that allows you to create organizational cost reports and customized reports for groups, departments, and project owners to help them manage their costs for services and align with budgets.

How can it help me? (Give the user power!)

  • View of current cost
  • View of projected cost
  • Cost by service or service item
  • Chart visualization


Health Check Report

Evaluate opportunities to optimize, govern, and secure your cloud

What is it?

Overview of potential opportunities to save money – both immediate and long term – as well as an overview of your cloud governance and security risk exposure.

How can it help me? (Give the user power!)

  • Possible optimizations for
    • Immediate monthly savings
    • Governance
    • Operational monthly savings
    • Security
    • Reservation management monthly savings
  • Option to click onto blue hyperlinks in each area for more detailed report and insight



Perform granular analysis on cost, usage, and asset data within a single report

What is it?

Provide a flexible, customizable way to analyze data from you cloud provider bill across any variable based on criteria that you get to define.

How can it help me? (Give the user power!)

  • Build reports across various dimensions to perform granular analysis on cost, usage, and asset data
  • Perform trend analysis to see how cost and usage varies over a period
  • View your data in near-real-time


What’s Next?

Stay tuned for our last blog in the series”CloudHealth Basics” – Policy-Based Governance. In the meantime, be sure to check out our Resources page for more in depth material about CloudHealth and reach our to our team to learn more about the power of reporting!