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What’s New in vRealize Operations Cloud

This blog was co-authored with Brandon Gordon.

Following many exciting announcements this fall at VMworld, we are excited to announce a new vRealize Operations Cloud release! vRealize Operations Cloud delivers a unified management platform to optimize, plan, and scale multi-cloud deployments from applications to infrastructure, powered by AI/ML, as a service. New features in this release include region selection, admin in-app purchase capabilities as well as updated retention options.

Region Selection

To streamline the onboarding process with vRealize Operations Cloud, organization owners can now select the region where they would like the service to be hosted. Currently vRealize Operations Cloud offers 8 different hosting regions. For the full list, visit the VMware Global Infrastructure Availability Map.

Figure 1: Region Selection

In-App Purchase

Many customers who have moved to vRealize Operations Cloud started out with a 30-Day Cloud Trial. Now, you have the ability to purchase the service at any time from within the user interface anytime during the trial.

To purchase the service, click “See Purchase Options” at the top of the page (figure 2).  

Figure 2: In-app purchase

From there you will easily be able to select the cloud services that you wish to purchase (figure 3).

Figure 3: Cloud app purchases

Object Retention

The Deleted Objects retention setting in global settings now applies to objects that may not have been deleted when removing an adapter instance.  This change will help ensure no orphaned objects are left in the system after the deleted object retention settings have elapsed.

Figure 4: Deleted Objects Retention

Looking for more?

For full details on this exciting new release, be sure to check out the release notes.  If you want to learn more about how vRealize Operations can help you and your organization then head over to VMware Pathfinder.  Request a trial of vRealize Operations Cloud, engage in a vRealize Operations Cloud hands on lab, or request a conversation with one of our experts today.


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