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Manage your Oracle Cloud VMware Solution with VMware vRealize Cloud Management

Today, we are happy to announce that vRealize Cloud Management products are tested and certified for the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS)! Specifically, customers that are looking to expand to the next-generation Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) can now leverage their favorite suite of products to maintain consistent operations and cloud consumption experience with vRealize Automation Cloud, vRealize Log Insight Cloud, vRealize Network Insight Cloud and vRealize Operations Cloud.

The Oracle Cloud VMware Solution is a customer-managed, VMware Cloud Verified environment consisting of vSphere, vSAN, NSX-T, and vCenter Server. It is available in 34 OCI commercial regions with plans to have at least 44 by end of 2022. It is easily deployed using an existing Virtual Cloud Network (VCN). Virtual machines residing in the SDDC can then integrate into native cloud services, such as Oracle Exadata, and Database Cloud Services. Along with full control over the Oracle Cloud account, the customer retains full administrative/root access, and this means end-to-end control, with the ability to implement zero trust security protocols and policies.

vRealize Cloud Management bring the flexibility and innovation of the Oracle Cloud together with the proven VMware tools to minimize rework, retooling and retraining when moving or creating new VMware workloads on Oracle Cloud. vRealize further elevates Oracle Cloud VMware Solution by establishing a unified Cloud Operating Model across VMware environments and beyond.

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Why vRealize on Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

vRealize Cloud Management solutions are designed for large enterprises that prioritize reliability. Let’s start with an overview of each of these products:

  • vRealize Operations Cloud brings deep self-driving IT operations management capabilities powered by AI to deliver deep system visibility, continuous performance optimization and efficient capacity planning with integrated compliance and advanced troubleshooting. vRealize Operations is a market leader that helps customers of all sizes to reduce unplanned downtime, improve operational efficiency, cut troubleshooting time and save on hardware costs.
  • vRealize Automation Cloud provides a multi-faceted automation solution that enables scaling out your operations while defining your cloud consumption processes. It includes VMware Cloud Templates, a low-code approach for easy infrastructure as code implementations, infrastructure pipelines to coordinate multi-step tasks that may require coordination across teams, SaltStack Config for configuration management and event-based automation and vRealize Orchestrator or Action-Based Extensibility (FaaS-based) for customizations and additional flexibility. Moreover, it provides a tailored catalog interface where you can define policies and relationships to curate your cloud consumption model.
  • vRealize Log Insight Cloud delivers centralized log management, deep operational visibility, and intelligent analytics for better troubleshooting and security for Oracle Cloud VMware Solution. It boosts IT organizations’ operational efficiency, mitigates costs arising from unplanned downtime, and reduces organizational risk by providing visibility into security-related events.
  • Last but not least, vRealize Network Insight Cloud provides granular network visibility and application relationship visualization that will prove indispensable for cloud migration implementations as well as troubleshooting end-to-end network issues from users to your Oracle Cloud VMware Solution instance. Learn how to use vRealize Network Insight Cloud for Oracle Cloud VMware Solution in this blog.

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With vRealize we address a broad and deep spectrum of use cases: Moving your VMware estate without friction, realizing your cloud journey at your own timeline, bringing your enterprise applications and Oracle Database Services to the cloud confidently and securely, as well as offering developer-ready infrastructure for modern apps are some of the most common ones.

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Get Started with a Free Trial

VMware is committed to meeting and empowering our customers where they are. Our partnership with Oracle Cloud is another big step towards that vision and vRealize remains the abstraction layer for operational consistency across any VMware infrastructure.

Now, with all vRealize products being available as-a-service you can start a free trial and explore your own use cases at your Oracle Cloud VMware Solution environment with a few clicks:

To learn more about how Oracle Cloud VMware Solution can reduce costs and modernize your VMware infrastructure with security, speed, and scale: watch the webinar, read the latest announcement around OCVS support for vSphere 7 and visit for additional resources.


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