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We’ve upped the ante and increased the free-trial limit to 15GB/day log ingestion with 30-day data retention. Once the trial period has expired, we’ve also increased the freemium limits to 5GB/day log ingestion with 7-day log retention that you’ll get FOREVER!

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The Speed of Innovation

Modern IT infrastructures are growing in complexity as businesses are facing the need to scale their hybrid and native public cloud implementations.  With the urgency to improve product quality and maximize the customer experience, DevOps and SRE teams are realizing that datacenter observability becomes an essential factor in understanding and managing today’s modernized business systems. 

Continuous monitoring and being able to respond to incidents in real-time are standard frameworks in software development that’s based on collecting sets of metrics and logs. Monitoring entails setting up mechanisms that allow teams to visualize and control the behavior and performance of their systems. With the proper monitoring in place, DevOps and SRE teams position themselves to actively gather logs, traces, system metrics and leverage this data to analyze trends, get structure from unstructured data, and gain valuable insights into the health of their applications and systems.

Based on the data obtained, DevOps teams can:

  • Understand the state of an application
  • Detect issues and anomalies in real-time
  • Identify the root cause of problems
  • Get valuable insights (performance, capacity utilization, resource contention, root cause analysis, etc.)

Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery

This is where the CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous delivery) pipeline is important to the product lifecycles as it allows businesses to deliver software quickly and efficiently. The process facilitates an effective process for getting products to market or deployed into production, identifying the root cause of issues and enabling an ongoing flow of new features and bug fixes can be consumed efficiently. As part of the broader DevOps framework, organizations need tools to detect and alert on points of friction that slow down integration and delivery to keep pace with innovation and not slow development velocity.

In short, continuous integration is performed as developers are writing code, and continuous delivery is performed after the code is completed.

VMware vRealize Log Insight Cloud

vRealize Log Insight Cloud empowers DevOps, SRE, and developer teams with deep operational visibility and intelligent analytics across the DevOps lifecycle and CI/CD pipelines to monitor and debug applications before releasing to production.

Code delivery and native public cloud movements make application monitoring and public cloud loud observability essential in ensuring reliable system operations, high performance at scale, and better business continuity. vRealize Log Insight Cloud helps make data-driven decision and troubleshoot faster with native integrations across multiple clouds such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Kubernetes, as well as open source frameworks and dev/ops tools such as FluentD, Gitlab and Jenkins.

Handling large amounts of log data is highly complex and correlating/visualizing log data of interest is even more complex. Since the scale of machine-generated data is increasing as enterprises span out infrastructure and application deployments across cloud, virtual, and physical environments, the need for a solution that can speed up troubleshooting of logs with increased productivity is an absolute necessity.

With vRealize Log Insight Cloud, a VMware Cross-Cloud service, you can connect to operating systems, applications, virtual machine, containers, firewalls, network devices, and multi-clouds (AWS, Azure, and GCP) and VMware Clouds (VMware Cloud on AWS, Azure VMware Solutions, and Google Cloud VMware Engine).


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