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What’s NEW! vRealize Log Insight Cloud (December 2021)

Another month, another set of exciting features for vRealize Log Insight Cloud! As you may already know, we have rapid delivery of vRealize Log Insight Cloud capabilities with a monthly cadence for your business needs. Let’s jump right into it…..

Expanded Regional Availability

New geographic availability in Asia Pacific (Tokyo, Japan). This will be in addition to the available geographic locations for vRealize Log Insight Cloud:

  • US West (Oregon)
  • Europe (London, Frankfurt)
  • Canada (Central)
  • Asia Pacific (Sydney, Singapore)
  • South America (Sao Paulo)

To see where all VMware vRealize Cloud Management services are available globally, please visit: 


Log File Upload for Improved Trial Experience

As you’re exploring all the features vRealize Log Insight Cloud has to offer from your 30-day trial, this is a quick option that allows you to upload a log file from your local file system to visualize and explore logs, dashboards, alerts, and other features with ease. Supported files formats for log upload are .log and .txt with the ability to upload 10 files at a time (10mb each).

AWS Lamba and HashiCorp Vault Integration

Integration AWS Lambda functions now allows you to forward logs from AWS CloudWatch,CloudTrail, and many other services to vRealize Log Insight Cloud. If you’re seeking more security with the API token and need to avoid storing your VMware vRealize Log Insight Cloud credentials in the AWS Lambda functions, you can now use the HashiCorp Vault integration for secrets management.

Audit Events for VMware Cloud Services Content Pack 2.0

Additional auditing events in this content pack has been enhanced to include governance requirements for the VMware Cloud Service Portal (CSP). The following new charts are now included with version 2.0 of the VMware Cloud Services content pack: 

  • Access Request Raised by Org Members
  • Access Request Raised by Non Org Members
  • Entitlement Request for Org Member Cancelled
  • Entitlement Request for Non Org Member Cancelled
  • Entitlement Request Actions
  • Entitlement Request Approval Actions
  • Violation Policies Updated
  • Entity Violations Count Update OAuth App
  • Entity Violations Count Update API Token
  • Advance Features Toggled

SSL Support for Cloud Proxy

The Cloud Proxy receives log and event information from monitored sources and sends this information to vRealize Log Insight Cloud where it can be queried and analyzed. Log sources can now be configured to forward logs over SSL to the Cloud Proxy.

Log Forwarding System Alerts

Configure email notifications to receive the following log forwarding errors: 

  • Log Forwarding Disengaged Temporarily – Log forwarding is temporarily disengaged for the next few minutes. Too many log forwarding failures have been detected for the configured endpoint. 
  • Log Forwarding Disengaged- Log forwarding is disengaged for the configured endpoint due to the inability to establish a connection.

For more information:

To learn more on vRealize Log Insight, vRealize Log Insight Cloud, and other vRealize products, I invite you to check out our new VMware Pathfinder site that covers detailed usage for:

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  • Interactive Analytics
  • Dashboards & Content Packs
  • Agent Installation
  • Architecture

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Be sure to also to check up on the latest RELEASE NOTES as well


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