Since the acquisition of SaltStack last year, we’ve been hard at work integrating SaltStack commercial capabilities into VMware vRealize Automation while simultaneously investing in the open source Salt Project and its community. Today I’m excited to highlight a new release from the Salt Project community: Salt Modules for VMware SDDC. These powerful new Salt modules help users deploy and manage VMware components such as vSphere, NSX-T, VMware Cloud on AWS, and vRealize Automation.

Here are a few of the actions available to VMware customers through these exciting new modules:

VMware understands the power of open source. We’re excited to provide more opportunities for VMware customers to get involved with the Salt Project community and experience the simple, declarative, and event-driven automation capabilities of Salt. To get started, check out the modules on GitHub or read the QuickStart guide.

What’s next?

Looking forward, we’d like to deliver additional capabilities such as a more robust integration between the Salt modules and vRealize Automation so users can take advantage of them directly from the vRealize Automation interface. In addition, we’re excited to work with the open source community to create purpose-built content for managing states, taking day two actions, and more. Check out this technical blog to learn how you can install the modules and get started. If you have questions or would like to partner with VMware to create open source content or additional capabilities, contact your VMware representative.


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