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What’s New in vRealize Suite: October 2021

Every organization develops and/or uses applications it needs to survive. These are called business-critical applications.

If you don’t know what your organization’s business-critical applications are, just fill in the blank – “If our _______ application went down, it would be very bad for our business.”

Effectively supporting these applications requires an intelligent IT infrastructure approach. And today it is impossible to have an intelligent IT infrastructure approach without leveraging one or more clouds. In fact, the advantages of cloud are table stakes in today’s landscape:

  • Self-service
  • Scalable
  • Service-rich
  • Self-optimized
  • Resilient

But, getting “cloud” right can be a massive challenge. For every benefit of the cloud comes a new complexity to be navigated. At VMware, we’re constantly talking with customers who are trying to get a unified handle on a diverse and siloed environment that’s only growing more complex over time. Specifically, there are three questions every organization implementing a cloud operating model needs to address:

  • How do we provide a consistent cloud experience to end users?
  • How do we efficiently govern it?
  • How do we consistently operate and optimize it?

VMware offers (industry leading) unified, comprehensive end-to-end management across private, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. There are many ways to package VMware Cloud Management – both SaaS and on-prem – but for customers seeking an on-premises offering that handles self-service consumption, an automation framework, policy and governance, and self-driving operations, we recommend vRealize Suite.

We are thrilled to announce updates to each of the four vRealize Suite components, coming soon:

vRealize Automation

Multi-cloud provisioning, VMware vSphere with Tanzu cluster creation and management, improved network automation for VMware NSX, and more. Read the vRealize Automation announcement blog here.

vRealize Operations

Deeper multi-cloud monitoring and cost governance, more extensive app-aware troubleshooting, major revamp of product experience, and more. Read the vRealize Operations announcement blog here.

vRealize Log Insight

Hybrid log management across VMware Cloud and public clouds, role-based access control, enhanced alert management and system notifications, and more. Read the vRealize Log Insight announcement blog here.

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager

***UPDATE: vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.6 is now generally available! Read the technical deep dive here.***

To paraphrase a well-known quote from a popular graphic novel – who manages the managers?

In the case of vRealize Suite, it’s vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, the integrated solution for deploying, patching, upgrading, and managing vRealize Suite components and configurations, and delivering the right content to the right users in your organization.

Simply put, vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager accelerates time-to-value for vRealize Suite customers and is an essential part of the suite. Here’s an overview of some of the upcoming features we’re excited to share:

Topology View of vRealize Instances

See a topology-style view of all your vRealize product integrations and their interdependencies. Quickly and visually identify where nodes are deployed and how they are integrated with various products.

Topology View of vRealize Instances

Outbound Notifications

Send critical notifications related to deployed vRealize products via email, Slack, MS teams and webhooks. Get automated, timely updates on critical issues, upgrades, and patches that are needed for vRealize products, while reducing notification noise by consolidating outbound notifications.

In-Product Notification Enhancements

Reduce in-product alert noise with the consolidation of multiple environment-level upgrade and patch notifications and the ability to dismiss notifications after viewing or fixing the issue.

vRealize Snapshot Management

Save time by taking and managing vRealize snapshots all from the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager console, rather than logging into vCenter to delete snapshots created within vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager.

Cloud Proxy Deployment for vRealize Products

Deploy and manage VMware Cloud Service data collectors and cloud proxies in local data centers from vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager – across vRealize Automation, Operations, Log Insight, and Network Insight – rather than having to deploy from each individual product.

vRealize Operations Collector Group Lifecycle Management

VMware Cloud Foundation customers can now deploy vRealize Operations remote collectors in collector groups for higher availability.

vRealize Operations Native Endpoint Configuration

Accelerate time-to-value by adding cloud endpoints and auto-configuring native management pack adapters from within the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager console.

VMware Marketplace Integration

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager will now integrate with the VMware Marketplace for easy access to vRealize management packs and content packs.

VMware Marketplace Integration

Globalization Support

Several local languages will now be supported, including ​German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese.

Usability and Content Management Enhancements

A variety of usability and content management enhancements will be available soon, including:

  • Auto refresh of content pipeline when pipeline is completed
  • Source control access keys for authentication
  • Timeout setting added for content management
  • Ability to capture all historical versions of vRealize Orchestrator content
  • Content support for REST host and REST operations in vRealize Orchestrator
  • Ability to enable VCF-Aware mode on environment level
  • Ability to add descriptions on environment detail
  • Option to deploy each node with different root password
  • Day 2 NTP configuration updates

To learn more about vRealize Suite, visit Managing a Private Cloud on VMware Pathfinder.

Or, if you’d prefer to try any of the vRealize SaaS offerings in a free 30-day trial, please visit the following links:


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