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VMware’s vRealize AI Cloud with vRealize Cloud Universal Subscription

Customers transitioning to cloud need a consistent hybrid and multi-cloud management experience. Alongside, organizations are looking to unleash the power of cloud through cloud based innovative features in their cloud journey. VMware addresses these challenges through vRealize Cloud Universal which is a flexible subscription that simplifies the purchase and consumption of VMware multi-cloud infrastructure and management services across the data center, edge, VMware Cloud or multi-cloud. Plus, there are cloud based powerful services to help customer experience the power of cloud faster.

This blog focuses on one such service – vRealize AI Cloud, and answers questions such as what is vRealize AI Cloud and why you need to consume it today?

Subscription of vRealize Cloud Universal bundle enables organization with powerful cloud management services such as vRealize Operations, vRealize Automation, vRealize Log Insight and vRealize AI Cloud. vRealize AI Cloud service is available in all editions and licensing models of vRealize Cloud Universal at NO EXTRA COST.

vRealize AI Cloud is a self-tuning service that uses reinforcement learning to continuously adapt to the changing needs of your VMware SDDC and dynamic workloads for performance optimization. With a vision of the self-driving datacenter, vRealize AI Cloud aims to bring in optimization across different domains such as storage, compute and networking.

Here’s why you need to consume vRealize AI Cloud today –

  1. Value – Gain exclusive SaaS-delivered vRealize features to accelerate cloud adoption.
  2. Enabling Faster Transition – vRealize AI Cloud service does not have any migration dependency to start consuming the service. To simplify, there is no baggage to worry about as organizations plan to leverage their investment in vRealize Cloud Universal.
  3. Fueling Smoother Journey – vRealize AI Cloud provides hands-off data center optimization experience for smoother cloud transition.
  4. Optimization across Domains –Today vRealize AI Cloud supports vSAN optimization. At VMworld 2021, we announced optimization across compute (vRealize Automation Cloud) and networking (vRealize Network insight Cloud) domains in addition to expanding Storage Policy Genie recommendations engine to improve the performance or capacity of a cluster or virtual machine. Again to simplify, we are planning to bring out use cases that partners across different VMware’s services to meet organization in their journey and take vRealize AI Cloud one step closer to the vision of self-driving datacenter. Please check out the latest announcements here.

Getting Started –

If you own vRealize Cloud Universal today, please login to VMware Cloud Console to access vRealize AI Cloud standalone tile under ‘My Services’ section.

By setting up the proxy and mapping it to cloud accounts, you can view the performance predictions of vRealize AI Cloud to optimize your vSAN environment even before enabling the service on the cluster of your choice.  

We also welcome customers interested in the beta program for vRealize AI Cloud+vRealize Automation Cloud. Please check out the latest announcements here for more details on the beta programs. Contact your account teams or email us at for trails and beta programs.


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