We are happy announce the availability of VMware vRealize AI Cloud here at VMworld 2020!

vRealize AI Cloud, now included with vRealize Operations Cloud with vRealize Cloud Universal subscription, is a self-optimizing service that uses machine learning and reinforcement learning techniques to continuously learn, adapt, and optimize your storage KPIs to deliver consistent and optimal performance for your mixed application workloads.  As workloads applications get scaled out or migrated to different datacenters or clusters, vRealize AI Cloud will dynamically adjust vSAN tunables to continuously optimize KPIs such as I/O read and write throughput or reducing network latency.


Here’s a sneak peak into the brand new, outcome-based and self-explainable UI accessed from vRealize Operations Cloud:



With three phases of customer beta testing and trials completed, we’ve been able to observe key value benefits such as improved infrastructure performance with an average of up to 60%!  As vRealize AI Cloud continuously collects data and learns about your VMware SDDC’s resource utilization and application requirements to optimizes your environment, our customer trial results have shown decreased monitoring efforts which lead to reduced support tickets and problem escalations.  This allowed extra efforts to be focused on scaling out infrastructure and supporting new business initiatives that were needed as Covid-19 work-at-home requirements pushed businesses to be more creative on how infrastructure is managed and optimized.



Rackspace Technology, a multi-cloud solutions provider and VMware Principal Partner, has many customers that leverage VMware vSAN and were looking for ways to improve infrastructure performance without negatively impacting customer workloads.  Through next-gen technologies, they knew they could optimize their infrastructure for performance with less resource-intensive and time-consuming processes.  After testing vRealize AI Cloud on a 4-node vSAN cluster, they observed vSAN write-throughput increase by 18% and reduced read-latency between 40%-84%!



If you are among the many that need to maximize business continuity, have faster agility for IT innovation, mitigate datacenter complexity and interdependencies of SDDC components to maintain optimal performance, efficiency, and visibility of workload demands; I invite you to attend one or all of the many sessions for vRealize AI Cloud below at VMworld, September 29th through October 1st!



vRealize AI Cloud sessions:


ETML1760 – VMware vRealize AI and the ML Drivers of the Self-Driving Data Center

Arun Annavarapu, Product Line Manager

Jad El-Zein, Technologist, CMBU OCTO


HCMB1761 – Transform your HCI Datacenter Operations with vRealize Operations Cloud and vRealize AI Cloud

David Pham, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Julie Roman, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager


HCMB2357 – Executive Session #1: The Cloud Management of Tomorrow, as Seen From the CTO’s Office

Mike Wookey, VP & CTO CMBU

Jad El-Zein, Technologist, CMBU OCTO


HCMB1311 – Executive Session #2: Two steps Ahead of the Future, the VMware Cloud Management  Roadmap

Purnima Padmanabhan, VP Product Management CMBU


**vRealize AI Cloud is also being discussed in the following sessions and activities:


Spotlight Breakout Session: CTO Perspective: Multi-cloud Management in a Volatile World

Joe Kinsella, VP & CTO CloudHealth

Mike Wookey, VP & CTO CMBU


HCP2804 – Experts Round Table
Matt Bradford, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager

Julie Roman, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager


vRealize AI Cloud Hands-on-Lab (HOL)

HOL-2101-93-ISMContinuously Optimize vSAN Performance with vRealize AI Cloud

Demo #20: vRealize AI Cloud


HCMB1522 –  Reign in Cloud Management with vRealize

Taruna Gandhi, Senior Director, Product Marketing

Gabriel Martinez, Product Line Marketing Manager


HCP2806 – Understanding vRealize Licensing

Taruna Gandhi, Senior Director, Product Marketing

James Lie, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Tapish Kumar, Sr. PnP Business Strategy Manager


I also do want to invite you to attend all the vRealize Operations / vRealize Operations Cloud sessions to learn more about consistent operations for a consistent infrastructure:

HCMB1657: “Full Power to the Engines” with the NEW vRealize True Visibility Suite
HCMB1518: What’s new in vRealize Operations
HCMB1506: Capacity and Cost Management with vRealize Operations
HCMB1728: Application to Infrastructure Troubleshooting with vRealize Operations
HCMB1499: Extending vRealize Operations Across Multi-Clouds
HCMB1504: Making vRealize Operations Work for You
MCOP1510: vRealize Operations Cloud for VMC and Beyond
HCI1458: Capacity management optimizations for vSAN and VCF
HCP2809: Peer-to-Peer Tips: Why vRealize Operations Cloud is the Future
HCMB1725: App-Aware Operations
HCMB1726: The New 361-Degree Troubleshooting


Check out a demo and join our live chat on VMware Demo Zone, and learn more about cloud management at Cloud City.


Finally, stay updated with all that’s new in management at blogs.vmware.com/management.



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