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vRealize Operations Super Metrics Made Easy – Part 7 Exporting and Importing Super Metrics + Tips and Tricks

In my previous blog post, I introduced parts 4 – 6 of the video series “vRealize Operations Super Metrics Made Easy” focusing on creating Super Metrics using other available functions and efficient usage of the “this” option and the “if-then-else” statement.

In part 7 of the series, which is available here:

Super Metrics Made Easy – Part 7 – Export-Import and Tips

You will learn how to export and import vRealize Operations Super Metrics and other content. You’ll learn where to find more useful examples of Super Metrics and other vRealize Operations content. I will also show you a few tips and tricks when creating your own vRealize Operations Super Metrics.

You can also view the full vRealize Operations Super Metrics Made Easy series in the playlist available here.

These three parts of the video series focus on:

  • Exporting and importing vRealize Operations Content including Super Metrics
  • Where to find additional Super Metrics and other vRealize Operations content
  • A few tips and tricks  to help avoid common mistakes and make your Super Metrics more efficient

For more information and technical deep dives on vRealize Operations, check out pathfinder.vmware.com. Here, you’ll find basic to hands-on information about the key capabilities of vRealize Operations as well as the rest of the vRealize Suite. For more information on vRealize Operations and vRealize Operations Cloud or to sign up for a free trial, visit the product page here.


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