Using its native solutions and additional Management Packs vRealize Operations collects data about your entire environment including various metrics and properties to get you started with managing your Multi-Cloud infrastructure. The predefined metrics and properties address nearly all aspects of SDDC management. But sometimes you will need to transform available metrics, calculate new metrics using existing ones or attach metrics coming from several objects to another related object.

In the video series, “vRealize Operations Super Metrics Made Easy” you will learn everything you need to create your own new super metrics.

Here are the first three videos of the series, available on our
VMware Cloud Management YouTube channel:

Super Metrics Made Easy Part 1 – Introduction

Super Metrics Made Easy Part 2 – Creating Your First Simple Super Metric

Super Metrics Made Easy Part 3 – Creating Your First “Real” Super Metric

In these three videos I will show you:

  • What Super Metrics are and how they work
  • When Super Metrics comes into play in vRealize Operations
  • What is the general workflow when creating Super Metrics
  • How to create simple and less simple Super Metrics
  • How to enable Super Metrics for specified object types using vRealize Operations Policies

In the next blog post and the related parts of this video series, I’ll show you how to create some more complex Super Metrics leveraging other functions available in vRealize Operations. You will also learn how to create Super Metrics using the “this” option and the “if-then-else” statement. You can also view the full vRealize Operations Dashboards Made Easy series in the playlist available here.

For more information and technical deep dives on vRealize Operations, check out Here, you’ll find basic to hands-on information about the key capabilities of vRealize Operations as well as the rest of the vRealize Suite. For more information on vRealize Operations and vRealize Operations Cloud or to sign up for a free trial, visit the product page here.


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