In our previous vRealize v8.4 launch, we released support for Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and VMware Cloud on AWS with new innovations across the VMware vRealize Cloud Management portfolio. 

We are excited with our latest vRealize v8.5 release for new capabilities and enhancements in the on-premises and SaaS offerings that address continuous flexibility and optimization of your VMware SDDC, VMware Cloud and native multi-cloud services

 The vRealize v8.5 and SaaS releases include capabilities for the following:

  • vRealize Operations Cloud and vRealize Operations v8.5
  • vRealize Log Insight Cloud
  • vRealize AI Cloud
  • vRealize True Visibility Suite
  • vRealize Cloud Universal

vRealize Operations Cloud and vRealize Operations v8.5

vRealize Operations v8.5 is a minor release which includes all the amazing features you love plus security and bug fixes.  Check out the release notes for more details.  As for our SaaS release for vRealize Operations Cloud, we’re happy to release:

  • New Region Support (Singapore): vRealize Operations Cloud is now available in the AWS Asia Pacific (Singapore) region. This is fifth geographical expansion after US West, Asia Pacific (Sydney), Europe (Frankfurt) and Canada (central).
  • vRealize Operations Cloud Management Pack for Managed Service Providers (MSP): Helps our service providers unify their multi-site vRealize Operations Cloud deployments into a single pane-of-glass.  In the context of the vRealize Operations Cloud Management Pack for MSP’s, multi-site means running multiple vRealize Operations Cloud instances managing multi-tenant sites.  These are the main use cases supported by the vRealize Operations Cloud Management MP:
    • Provide a summary of performance, capacity, and configuration across all multi-tenant environments.
    • Ability to create a data warehouse where user selected set of metrics can be stored for data archiving and report use cases.
    • Ability to provide summarized views of health and configuration of your software-defined data center stack. This includes core applications such as VMware vCenter Server, VMware NSX, and VMware vSAN. The solution also covers the management applications such as vRealize Operations, vRealize Log Insight, vRealize Automation, vRealize Business, and VMware Site Recovery Manager.

 vRealize Log Insight Cloud

VMware vRealize Log Insight Cloud delivers heterogeneous and scalable log management across physical, virtual, and multi-cloud – across both infrastructure and applications for better security and troubleshooting.  This exciting, new release introduces:

  • New Region Support (Singapore): vRealize Log Insight Cloud is now available in the AWS Asia Pacific (Singapore) region. This is fifth geographical expansion after US West, Asia Pacific (Sydney), Europe (Frankfurt) and Canada (central).
  • Enhanced Log Forwarding filters: Log forwarding from vRealize Log Insight Cloud now supports additional filter options, like field existence/or not. This is in addition to existing filter options like field name contains or does not contain specific value. Customers can specify these filter conditions to select which events are forwarded to external destination.
  • SDDC Grouping logs for VMware Cloud: Customers can access all their VMware Cloud SDDC Grouping activity logs in vRealize Log Insight Cloud, which includes: Creation/Update/Deletion of SDDC Group, SDDC Member added to Group, SDDC Member deleted from Group, addition of Direct Connect Gateway to Group, deletion of Direct Connect Gateway from Group, addition of External AWS Account, removal of External AWS Account and update to external attachments.

vRealize AI Cloud

We’ve expanded on the vRealize AI Cloud self-tuning service to now offer the Storage Policy Genie (Tech Preview) recommendations engine to improve the performance or capacity of a cluster or virtual machine, based on changes to the Storage Policy-Based Management, and other configuration changes such as deduplication and compression.  The Storage Policy Genie engine analyzes and predicts performance, capacity, and cost of change to trigger recommendations based on a net benefit score.

For the second scope of our tech preview, the Storage Policy Genie will make recommendations for clusters and virtual machines with existing workloads deployed with capabilities to:

  • Recommend changes to cluster and VM level default policy
  • Predict performance improvements, capacity impact and cost of change
  • Present multiple alternatives with differing trade-offs and explanations

vRealize True Visibility Suite

VMware vRealize True Visibility Suite extends vRealize Operations to physical infrastructure, applications and databases, bringing together a relationship-aware view of both physical and virtual environments.

We’ve updated the vRealize True Visibility Management for Dell EMC VMAX to include PowerMax as well, collecting data from Unisphere for both platforms. With the new release of this management pack, customers are able to to trace the path from Datastore to Array and everything in between, ultimately giving the ability to troubleshoot from VM to Storage Array. 

vRealize Cloud Universal

vRealize Cloud Universal is a hybrid cloud management suite that combines automation, operations, log analytics, and network visibility in a single license to accelerate cloud adoption and enable a consistent management experience. The latest updates include:

  • Addition of SaltStack: vRealize Cloud Universal now includes SaltStack which delivers powerful configuration management and event driven automation for vRealize Automation and is also included in vRealize Automation Cloud
  • vRealize Cloud Universal Enterprise Plus Edition: We have now added VMware vRealize Network Insight Cloud as a part of vRealize Cloud Universal for customers who need end-to-end network visibility and analytics across their VMware and 3rd party network infrastructure. This edition is only available as part of VMware Cloud Universal. Read more in our latest blog post.
  • Enablement of academic perpetual licenses to the Subscription Upgrade Program for conversion into commercial version of vRealize Cloud Universal

vRealize Network Insight Cloud and 6.3

For the latest features for vRealize Network Insight v6.3 and vRealize Network Insight Cloud, please check out the blog here!

What’s New in vRealize Cloud Management on VMware Cloud

Organizations want the benefits of cloud, such as increased efficiency, flexibility, speed and agility, and they want it today. Yet without consistent infrastructure and management across on-premises and cloud environments, cloud adoption is a bigger challenge than expected. The scenario is dramatically different in those that adopt VMware Cloud on AWS with VMware Cloud Management. VMware Cloud on AWS provides consistent infrastructure across a hybrid cloud environment so that customers can accelerate their hybrid cloud journey with minimal costs and risks involved. With VMware vRealize Cloud Management support, customers get consistent operations for your applications, infrastructure, and platform services across VMware Cloud on AWS and on-premises environments. 

Learn more about how to accelerate your journey in these resources:


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