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vRealize This Live! Enterprise Automation Isn’t Scary

Automation is arguably one of the most exciting aspects of IT Operations. Not only can it remove repetitive tasks from your plate, but it can also perform these tasks more consistently and reliably than any human can. On the other hand, it can also be potentially overwhelming when you sit down and consider all the things you want to automate on day one. And who can blame you for wanting to automate the world? In this episode of vRealize This Live! we show you how to take your first steps into enterprise automation with a simple no-code Apache VM deployment. All you need is a template and a basic strategy to build off of. We’ll show you how this first automation project can be your stepping stone into more advanced projects and even get you (more) comfortable with writing and manipulating code in vRealize Automation.

Be sure to join us every other Wednesday at 11am EST/8AM PST for awesome live demos and live chat. You can catch the live stream on Twitch or on Youtube with replays available on Youtube. Be sure to check out our next episode on July 7th at 8AM PST, 11AM EST where we’ll be talking about planning for upgrades with vRealize Operations.

If you’re wanting to learn more about vRealize Automation and the features highlighted in this episode then check out VMware Pathfinder. You’ll find 100-300 level information on VMware Cloud Management features as well as hands-on labs and trials all for free!


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