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Introducing vRealize Log Insight Cloud KB Insights

I’m excited to announce troubleshooting with vRealize Log Insight Cloud just got easier.  KB Insights helps detect log messages that may need attention and links them with potential solutions using the VMware Knowledge Base and VMware Community articles. You no longer need to manually identify these anomalies and search for fixes. It examines the log data using machine learning algorithms to identify patterns and matches keywords in log messages with similar logs in the online solution repositories.  In this release we are analyzing VMware related logs. We are working to expand this to other areas in the future.

Note: KB Insights requires a paid subscription to Log Insight Cloud.

Resolve Issues Using KB Insights

I recently had an issue where a VM was randomly unreachable on the network. I was able to search KB Insights for the time range of the disconnects and there is an Insight for a duplicate IP address in the environment. The IP listed in the log message is IP of the machine that I was trying to connect to.

The KB article link gives an option for setting the MAC address in the log message to another IP or DHCP address.

The community article provides detailed information on how to find the 2nd service that is configured with the IP. This gives me more flexibility on which IP address to change, so I’ll use the VMware Technology Network article. I was able to identify the server that was using the IP address that had be already allocated to my workstaiton and remediate the issue.

Provide Feedback on Insights

I can help the algorithm learn which solutions are helpful by giving them a thumbs up or thumbs down based on their usefulness in correcting the issue presented in the log message. If a solution fixes the issue, I’ll give it a thumbs up so the algorithm can confirm the solution was a match for my issue. Alternatively, I can select thumbs down if an article was correlated with the message that was not a fix. The Insights get better as feedback is gathered for each of the pattern matches. The text in the red box below is showing the key words in the log message that were matched to the suggested solutions.

If I want to view the detailed log message, I can click on Explore Logs.

Create an Alert

From Explore logs I have access to the query which is useful if I want to create an alert, so I am notified when this occurs. I’ll click on the alert icon to set this up.

I simply populate the description and add tags if desired. Now whenever this issue occurs, I’ll receive an email notification.


vRealize Log Insight Cloud helps you identify problems in logs and attach solution details to these log messages which decreases the time it takes to resolve issues. Stay tuned for more new features coming soon! If you’re not already using vRealize Log Insight Cloud, check it out with our free 30 day trial. To learn more about how to use Log Insight, please check out VMware Pathfinder.


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