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#vRealizeChat: Meet vRealize Cloud Universal

On Thursday January 28, the VMware Cloud Management team hosted a #vRealizeChat introducing the newest member of the vRealize Family: vRealize Cloud Universal. To discuss this solution, we asked our questions to a panel of experts, including John Dias, Thomas Bryant and Gabriel Martinez.

Read on to catch up on what we discussed, and stay up to date on how this solution can benefit SaaS AND on-premises users!


Welcome to the #vRealizeChat! 👋  Today, we’re introducing the newest member in the @VMware #vRealizeCloudMgmt family: vRealize Cloud Universal (#vRCU)

To start, please introduce yourself and where you’re tweeting from. Use the #vRealizeChat hashtag in your responses and questions. [Introduction link]

(From this blog, just click on the (Link) at the end of each question to see the Q&A in Twitter.)


Q1) What is #vRCU and how is it different than vRealize Suite? 🤔 #vRealizeChat [link]

  • John Dias: A1: vRealize Cloud Universal is a way to consume vRealize Suite both on-prem AND with SaaS via a subscription license so you can be flexible on your journey to the ☁️! #vRealizeChat #vRCU
  • Thomas Bryant: A1: vRealize Cloud Universal gives customers freedom to consume vRealize Suite on-premises OR as a SaaS service, and let VMware manage the platform for you #vRealizeChat
  • Gabriel Martinez: A1: vRCU enables you to deploy cloud management as SaaS or on-premises in one license. It combines SaaS and on-premises capabilities of vRealize Suite across automation, operations, and log analytics. #vRealizeChat

Q2: Where do I start with cloud? ☁️ And what comes first, the 👉app or the 👉data? #vRealizeChat [link]

  • John: A2: It’s always about the data but the app is the gateway 2 the data. App gives data life & it’s important 2 iterate on the app quickly. Cloud native is the choice 4 new apps but #vRCU has u covered 4 both new & legacy w/a consistent operating model 4 pvt/hybrd/pub. #vRealizeChat
  • Thomas: A2: Most customers I speak with focus both. What experience do I want for them? Where are they located? Can cloud make consuming the application better, faster, easier? Jump in with user experience #vRealizeChat
  • Gabriel: A2: Take a look at your workloads and business needs and decide which workloads can be moved. Cloud adoption is a marathon. Oh, and data is definitely first. 🤓 #vRealizeChat


Q3: Some workloads can’t be moved to cloud. Where does #vRCU fit in this type of situation? #vRealizeChat [link]

  • John: A3: Like a 🥊! Every org has apps that don’t fit into public cloud. #vRCU helps by being the operational bridge so u can move forward while maintaining those workloads in-place. Consume #vRealize where it makes sense, pay 4 what you use; on-prem or SaaS (or both!). #vRealizeChat
  • Thomas: A3: That’s the power of #vRCU. Run apps & data on-prem or in the cloud and combine it with a single platform for both. #vRealizeChat
  • Gabriel: A3: This is where vRCU really shines ✨ because you can keep workloads you can’t move on-prem and move the rest to the cloud at your pace. You can use vRCU to manage both in a single license 😱 #vRealizeChat


Q4: How does #vRCU support teams running #multicloud environments, and what capabilities exist for governance and visibility👀 across #vRealize applications? #vRealizeChat [link]

  • John: A4: Oh, so glad you asked! #vRCU keeps everyone in lockstep w/support 4 #multicloud.     Understand consumption, provide self-service w/full governance policy controls, analyze billing and projected costs … and so much more! #vRealizeChat
  • Thomas: A4: #vRCU gives teams the ability to manage all of their cloud environments in one place. Self-service, governance, policy controls, costing, performance, optimization and more are all built in. #vRealizeChat
  • Gabriel: A4: vRCU allows you to match management modality with workload modality for ☁️ multi-cloud ☁️ and delivers unified governance across hybrid and multi-cloud in a single pane 📊 #vRealizeChat #vRCU

Q5: With a significant investment💰 in #privatecloud, how does #vRCU “play nice” during the transition to #cloud, especially if the timeline is unclear? #vRealizeChat [link]

John: A5: Migrate to cloud on your timeline, according to your needs. Often, transition 2 #cloud is event driven & #vRCU is perfect 4 situations where you know it’s “when” not “if” you’ll move workloads to #cloud. When U R ready just say … #vRealizeChat

Thomas: A5: Customers can transition to #vRCU on their terms, when they are ready.

Gabriel: A5: Knowing that workloads can’t all be moved overnight 🌙, #vRCU enables you to keep pace with business demand and if there is a change in strategy. The built-in flexibility helps you find the best operational model. #vRealizeChat


Q6: How can #vRCU help users get a better handle on capacity and cost management? #vRealizeChat [link]

John: A6: 2 ways #vRCU helps with capacity/cost in #multicloud. 1) understand your current usage & plan for migration w/workloads right-sized 4 public cloud. 2) analyze the true cost of your private cloud so u know “is public cloud really more cost effective?” #vRealizeChat

Gabriel: A6: Through a single license, #vRCU delivers brings greater efficiency, scalability, and predictable budgeting (CapEx 👉 OpEx) that won’t have your finance team like #vRealizeChat


Q7: There’s a few features that don’t appear to be in #vRealize Suite, including #vRAICloud and @VMwareSkyline. How do they tie in to #vRCU? #vRealizeChat [link]

John: A7: Currently you can enjoy access to #vRAICloud as part of your #vRCU subscription. You also get access to @VMwareSkyline with integration with @vRealizeOps Cloud for consolidated views of proactive support recommendations. #vRealizeChat

Gabriel: A7: vRealize AI Cloud 🤖 uses re uses reinforcement learning to optimize and adapt to your changing operating environment. VMware Skyline 🕵️‍♂️ help helps you perform advanced troubleshooting in a single SaaS workflow. Both are included with #vRCU #vRealizeChat

Q8: For someone just starting their #cloud journey, what is the most impactful feature or capability of #vRCU? #vRealizeChat [link]

John: A8: Federated views of both on-prem and cloud allow you to move at your own pace, run consistent cloud operations and minimize disruption. 360-degree view of all your clouds. #vRealizeChat

Gabriel: A8: With so many organizations accelerating the move to cloud 🏃‍♂️💨, #vRCU helps most by combining SaaS and on-prem cloud management so you can make that transition at your own pace. You can choose your own adventure. #vRealizeChat


Q9: How can #vRCU help organizations looking to have a more consistent operating model and fight back against data center and cloud silos? #vRealizeChat [link]

John: A9: Silos result when visibility is limited. #vRCU fights that with multicloud visibility for the complete lifecycle of your applications. Cut through the fog! #vRealizeChat

Gabriel: A9: Two key features built around cloud federation ☁️ (federated catalog & federated analytics) enable you to have a single master of IT services and a unified view of your entire cloud infrastructure. This kind of teamwork makes the dream work 🙌 #vRealizeChat

Figure 1: vRealize Cloud Federated Catalog


Figure 2: vRealize Cloud Federated Analytics


Q10: We saved the best question for last! 🙌

If a single GIF could describe the stage you’re in related to your #cloud journey, what would it be? We’ll start. #vRealizeChat https://gph.is/g/Eq20b1a [link

John: A10: https://twitter.com/johnddias/status/1354879710614925314

Gabriel: A10: https://twitter.com/GabeDMartinez/status/1354879785240059905

Featuring the new vRealize Cloud Universal in our latest #vRealizeChat was a fun, interactive way to help answer questions from customers about this groundbreaking offering. As an added value, hopefully, we helped temporarily relieve you of Zoom fatigue. Thanks again for joining us and don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any other questions!  For more information about vRealize, check out the links below.

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