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vRealize Automation Cloud and CloudHealth Pricing Integration

In VMworld 2018, when live conferences were a thing, VMware announced its intent to acquire CloudHealth and opened a new chapter in multi-cloud management. Since then CloudHealth has continued growing and further establishing its leadership in native public cloud management. CloudHealth helps customers simplify multi-cloud financial management, streamline operations and strengthen security and compliance. It was only a matter of time to bring its powerful engine in vRealize Automation Cloud.

Today we are thrilled to announce the beginning of a deep and long relationship. At the first iteration, CloudHealth integration in vRealize Automation Cloud enables costing transparency at the deployment and project level, allowing cost visibility and optimization at the team level.

How to configure CloudHealth in vRealize Automation Cloud

CloudHealth integration is simple to configure. Select Integrations from the vRA Cloud side menu to begin configuring. You’ll notice CloudHealth is now an option when you click to add an integration.

New CloudHealth integration type

Clicking the CloudHealth integration type opens a configuration window. You’ll need to provide your API key from CloudHealth to complete the integration. The only other configuration option is to choose whether to display pricing information. The display toggle is set to on by default. vRA syncs Perspectives and pricing from CloudHealth every 12 hours and 6 hours respectively. If you want to speed up the process, you can click to sync pricing and perspectives from CloudHealth. CloudHealth calculates pricing on a 12 hours bases as well.

CloudHealth integration configuration

Once configured, the integration will provide ongoing public cloud pricing for AWS, Azure, and GCP resources within a deployment. vRA Cloud will show aggregated pricing for supported resources for each deployment. To view pricing, open the Deployments view in vRA Cloud Assembly, choose a deployment and select Price within the deployment. You can view the daily, weekly, and monthly prices that have been calculated by CloudHealth. The price month-to-date will also be displayed.

View pricing for each deployment

vRA also tracks prices at the Project layer. Opening a Project and selecting Price will show individual month-to-date pricing for each deployment associated with that Project. Additionally, an overall aggregated price is provided for the entire Project.

Aggregated pricing for each Project

The integration uses Perspectives in CloudHealth and creates a new Perspective Group for each vRA deployment. The resources in the group will mirror the deployment view in vRA. As mentioned previously, CloudHealth will base the price, that is later reflected in vRA, on the resources which make up this group.

vRA Perspective Group inside CloudHealth including resources

With the release of our integration between vRA and CloudHealth, you now have the ability to determine your public cloud costs directly in vRA.

Get Started

vRealize Automation Cloud was born in the cloud and was molded by it. You can start exploring it with a free 45-day trial immediately. We also provide a full features list and our own pricing, transparently, in our website.


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