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Announcing General Availability of VMware vRealize Automation 8.3

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Modern, Agile and Open Infrastructure Automation? VMware vRealize Automation 8.3 is HERE. Why wait? Learn more now!

Today we are thrilled to announce the general availability of VMware vRealize Automation 8.3, the latest release of VMware’s industry-leading, modern infrastructure automation platform. If you thought that the previous release was great, you’re in for a treat! Our new and enhanced capabilities are modern, agile, and open, and have been designed to meet the requirements of VMware Cloud data center modernization and operational use cases, including Self-Service Multi-Cloud, Network Automation, DevOps for Infrastructure, Kubernetes Automation, Security Operations, and many more. With vRealize Automation, customers can rapidly and easily deploy an agile, easy to use and modern data center infrastructure environment with a centralized view across infrastructure resources. With DevOps for Infrastructure and Kubernetes Automation capabilities, IT organizations can leverage the integrated infrastructure automation platform in vRealize Automation to deliver modern, secure, and extensible infrastructure for multi-cloud environments at the speed of business demands while leveraging existing investments. In addition, we have added new open-source innovations for powerful event-driven automation and configuration management.

Key new and enhanced vRealize Automation 8.3 capabilities:

  • Reusable property groups, and more secure properties. Allow admins to create, update, read and delete property groups with pre-defined data, thus helping customers with VMware Cloud Template development, and encouraging a more productive environment. We also enable storage of sensitive data in the database through a new method designed to create and encrypt ‘secret’ variables for projects and consumption.
  • Intelligent storage management. Enable a more effective and intelligent storage management solution by optimizing the performance and resources of the vSphere cluster with support for disk creation into a SDRS datastore. The effectiveness expands into placement and allocation logic for storage profiles, data stores and disks as they relate to their respective VMs, offering more granular process.
  • Resource optimization notifications [beta](1). Allow admins to notify end-users of resource optimization opportunities, and enable them take reclamation actions, such as power off, resize and delete.
  • Enhanced workload onboarding. Refine the workload onboarding process to allow admins to add custom properties at the time of deployment, provisioning or as a Day 2 action. Also, owners can be set for the migrated deployments during onboarding, Additional support is provided for disks, which can now be onboarded as part of the deployment.
  • Control deployment ownership changes. Admins can use Day 2 actions to change deployment ownerships for the project admin, org admin, or the member of any project.
  • Easier NSX-V to NSX-T migration. vRealize Automation Migration Assistant makes it easier for VMware Cloud Foundation and VMware NSX customers to migrate their NSX-V constructs to NSX-T. vRealize Automation allows users to accurately map NSX-V and NSX-T constructs as well as their associations to the workloads and deployment, thus enabling a solid handshake between vRealize Automation and NSX Manager.
  • Enhanced SaltStack Config integration. Users can access declarative state management and auto-config drift remediation through out-of-the-box deployments and configuration management capabilities in vRealize Automation 8.3. In addition, SaltStack Config is integrated into the vRealize Automation console, allowing it to be automatically deployed with vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager. Also, SaltStack minions can be leveraged by VMware Cloud Templates.

Key benefits of vRealize Automation 8.3:

  • Modern. Leverage modern, agile capabilities to accelerate modernization and optimization of VMware Cloud Foundation data center environments.
  • Simple and easy. Leverage self-service and as-code capabilities to quickly and easily set up, manage, and consume multi-cloud infrastructure environments.
  • Consistency and reliability. Dynamically adjust to infrastructure changes while maintaining consistent automation and service delivery.
  • Security and compliance. Centralized policy control and enforce consistent compliance and remediate vulnerabilities across your multi-cloud environment.
  • Agility and flexibility. Automate infrastructure delivery for agility, consistency and visibility by leveraging modern and agile DevOps principles.
  • Open Source Innovation. Leverage the Salt Project open source community to deliver new innovative capabilities and use cases.

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(1) There is no commitment or obligation that beta features will become generally available



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