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Announcing Multi-Cloud Observability with vRLI Cloud across AWS , Azure & Google Cloud Logs

With great pleasure, I would like to announce that vRealize Log Insight Cloud now supports comprehensive log monitoring coverage across 50+ services across AWS & Azure.  Also, The GCP integration currently in beta with VMware cloud customers only will be generally available next month. vRealize Log Insight Cloud addresses the complexity of log management by supporting ingestion from multiple clouds using out of box cloud-native scalable API integrations. Due to VMware Cloud’s strategic partnership with AWS, Azure, and GCP, we work directly with the product teams at these Hyperscalers to consistently fine-tune our integrations.




vRLI cloud customers can now leverage  Out of box vRLI Cloud lambda function to forward logs from 40+ AWS log sources directly to vRLI Cloud ingestion APIs, in addition to streaming directly with Kinesis firehouse. The one-click integration is highly scalable and can get the logs flowing from any AWS service in less than 5 minutes. For more details please refer to this  blog

The picture below simplifies the complex log aggregation options provided by AWS through configuration settings across different services, the most prominent aggregators being Cloudwatch and S3 for log data. As an example, the Cloudfront logs can be sent to Cloudtrail by making configuration changes, and then Cloudtrail has the ability to dump all its logs to S3 buckets, so our vRLI Cloud lambda function can directly trigger forwarding the logs from this S3 bucket to vRLI Cloud.




vRLI cloud customers can now leverage vRLI Cloud function to send all Azure logs in few minutes to vRLI Cloud. Most of the Azure services can be configured to send logs to Blog storage [ similar to AWS S3] or EventHub [ similar to AWS CloudWatch]. The vRLI Cloud function can be triggered to easily send these logs to the customer’s vRLI Cloud instance with a secure and scalable log forwarding mechanism. As an example all Azure activity logs are available in the Event hub, the vRLI Cloud Azure function can read these logs and forward them to customers vRLI Cloud instance in realtime.



Google Cloud


GCP integration is currently in staging to be released next month is one of the easiest ones to use as it doesn’t require any deployment in Google cloud by customers. Almost all the GCP service logs can be routed to Google Pub/Sub.  The GCP Pub/Sub can be configured to forward all logs directly to vRLI Cloud ingestion APIs in a highly secure and scalable log forwarding mechanism.


If this is exciting and you would like to leverage this for your Operations and Security teams. Please reach out to me at sanjayc@vmware.com and I will connect you with one of our customer success engineers to provide a personalized onboarding experience.




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