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The Gorilla Guide To…® Maximizing VMware vRealize Operations (Updated for 8.1 and Cloud!)

It’s tough to keep up with the rapid evolution of vRealize Operations these days. Just when you think you have a handle on the latest and greatest, the new release drops – and there’s more to learn/know/see/do. App discovery integrations with vRealize Network Insight? Monitoring for “Kubernetes anywhere” – including Prometheus integration? Credential-less service discovery? The brand new Management Pack for Horizon? Yeah – there’s a lot of new stuff to keep up with!

And believe me, it’s tough on us Product Marketeers too! There’s only so many ways you can say “revolutionary” and “game changing” – it’s frankly exhausting.

Why don’t we slow it down a few BPM for a change, take our time, and build some deeper connections.

Where are we today? How did we get here? How do we reckon with a hybrid and multi-cloud world? What’s new and what’s indispensable for every admin in today’s rapidly evolving IT operations landscape?

Download our latest Gorilla Guide for FREE to Learn:

  • How vRealize Operations maximizes the value of your IT infrastructure
  • What’s new in vRealize Operations 8.1 and Cloud
  • What are the different editions best suited for
  • How to get started

Powered by AI, monitor and troubleshoot from infrastructure to applications (including Kubernetes!) across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, either on-premises or SaaS. Download this Gorilla Guide to learn more today.

The Gorilla Guide to VMware vRealize Operations 8.1 and Cloud


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