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Kubernetes Monitoring with vRealize Operations: What, Why, and How

Kubernetes has become a game-changing technology in the last few years, quickly evolving from an open-source project championed by a few cloud-native developers to an enterprise platform and the modern standard for agile application development. Kubernetes presents exciting new capabilities for organizations to ruthlessly automate the development, scaling, and management of new applications and deliver unprecedented benefits around portability and agility.

However, Kubernetes isn’t just a DevOps trend – it affects multiple parts of the enterprise. Sure, DevOps and developers may be the ones consuming the Kubernetes platform at the end of the day, but someone has to provide it as well. Just as with non-containerized VM-based applications, the “provider” layer – i.e., infrastructure operations teams – bears responsibility for ensuring resource availability, uptime, capacity planning and procurement (or migration), and troubleshooting when things go wrong.

That’s why it’s so important for infrastructure teams to get a handle on this new cloud-native world, and equip themselves with the right tooling to get the job done, no matter what flavor of applications their organizations are running (and where they reside).

VMware vSphere with Tanzu is a groundbreaking platform that integrates VM and container constructs under the same roof, and vRealize Operations is tailor made to support this new ecosystem. Just as vSphere with Tanzu is the fastest way for an organization to get started with Kubernetes, vRealize Operations is the fastest way for IT Operations to get started with monitoring, capacity planning, and troubleshooting Kubernetes.

New Kubernetes Monitoring White Papers

With the constant proliferation of new technologies in your enterprise, learning new tools and new technologies can be both costly exhausting. That’s why VMware provides a complete integrated toolset for building, running, and managing applications – and optimizing the infrastructure factors underneath.

That sort of swiss army infrastructure operations is pretty amazing, and we’ve written a couple free guides on getting started.

First, check out the Kubernetes Monitoring in vRealize Operations: What to Monitor white paper, a complete guide to why Kubernetes is an inevitability for your organization, where it fits in, and what you need to be considering from a monitoring standpoint to provide maximum value to your end users and stakeholders.

Then, once you’re ready for a deep dive into getting started, download the Kubernetes Monitoring in vRealize Operations: How to Monitor white paper.

VMware has always been about maximum application experience, regardless of the virtual/cloud infrastructure underneath. The same is true for VM- and container-based deployments – no matter how your organization’s applications are constructed, your customers deserve the best possible user experience. At the end of the day, that starts with smooth, proactive infrastructure operations, including baked-in monitoring for Kubernetes anywhere.



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