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Operationalizing Your Hybrid Cloud With VMware vRealize – Podcast


Recently, Brandon Gordon and I had the opportunity to sit down with Ned Bellavance and Ethan Banks from Packet Pushers to discuss how VMware vRealize can take your hybrid cloud to the next level. In this episode of Day Two Cloud, we discuss the importance of consistent operations.

No matter if you’re dealing with on-premises infrastructure, hybrid-cloud such as VMware Cloud on AWS, or even public cloud, VMware vRealize can provide frictionless adoption of all platforms. IT consumers, such as application teams and developers, will benefit from on-demand provisioning of services whether they’re traditional VM’s or cloud-native services. While also providing IT with valuable intelligence into the performance of the infrastructure and applications, ensuring maximum efficiency and security across clouds, and providing business intelligence such as cost management.

That’s a lot of functionality and it’s all available in SaaS or on-premises deployments. The choice is yours.

We hope you choose to check out Episode 75 of Day Two Cloud – Operationalizing your Hybrid Cloud with VMware vRealize!




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