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What’s New in Aria Operations for Logs (formerly vRealize Log Insight Cloud) – October 2022

We have some great new features to talk about for vRealize Log Insight Cloud (soon to be renamed to Aria Operations for Logs). In the October release, we have added the much-requested feature of REST API calls to Log Insight Cloud! We have also added integration with Aria Operations (formerly vRealize Operations Cloud), so now we can send Log Insight Cloud alerts and notifications to Aria Operations Cloud to perform actions on. We also have a new Log Insight on-prem to cloud content migration, and we have added new content packs for Tanzu and Cisco UCS.

Public REST APIs

In our October release, we’ve finally brought in REST API support. Now you can use our REST API to run queries, manage access, see usage and much more.

As of today, we offer APIs to manage:

  • Access Control
  • Access Keys
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Dashboards
  • Log Queries
  • Subscription and Usage Reporting

Instructions on how to use the REST API can be found at the link below:


Improved Integration with Aria Operations (formerly vRealize Operations Cloud)

We’ve had a lot of requests for tighter integration between Aria Operations Cloud and vRealize Log Insight Cloud regarding alerting capabilities. We’re happy to announce with the October release of Log Insight Cloud, we can now forward triggered alerts from Log Insight Cloud to Aria Operations Cloud. Once an alert fires off and is configured to be sent to Aria Operations Cloud, it can then be actioned on like any other alert.

Federated Log Management

In previous releases of vRealize Log Insight Cloud, we started down the path of federated management between the on-premises and cloud versions of Log Insight by integrating log forwarding from on-prem to cloud without the need for a cloud proxy. In this next phase of federated log management, we’re introducing the capability of allowing content migration from on-prem to cloud. You can migrate your custom dashboards and alerts from your Log Insight environment to your Log Insight Cloud environment with just a few simple steps. Keep an eye out for a blog post showing some examples!

Log Archival – Depreciation

We have started the process of deprecating the log archival feature in this release of vRealize Log Insight Cloud. We recommend that customers use the log partitions feature in place of log archival, as it allows you to query your logs while they are archived in a non-index partition and does not require potentially costly external cloud storage to store cold archives.

That wraps up whats new with the October release of Log Insight Cloud. As always, there is tons of great content on our VMware Cloud Management YouTube page and the rest of our cloud management blog section. Please check it out and keep an eye out for new content on the topics you’re interested in.


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