For admins, developers, security, and operation teams looking for insights into petabytes of machine data without learning proprietary query languages, VMware log insight cloud provides a powerful cloud-scale log and event analytics platform with very intuitive user experience. The practical insights from thousands of vRealize Suite customers are helping us shape the direction of our product. Among the tons of new features pushed in Aug 2020, here are my top 5 picks.


A new user needs an insightful overview of a large amount of log and event data in his environment with the ability to customize the experience for himself or his team. With the new homepage now

  1. Get Overview: out  of box preselected widgets to provide a full picture of log and event  data in your environment with personalized navigation [Favorite dashboards and Queries]
  2. Customize:  editable widget library to customize homepage based on your team or personal preference
  3. Explore: natural language search, options to share and adjust the time range of widgets



2.Dashboard  in a Minute

The New Dashboard creation experience will empower you to create a multiple widget dashboard within a minute from the complex log and alert data.

  1. Search or select  from  Queries, Alerts, or Existing widgets
  2. Drag and drop queries or alerts on right side canvas, an automatic chart type is assigned immediately
  3.  If needed customize chart type or location before saving




3.Dashboard – Management

Is the dashboard sprawl confusing you ? not anymore. The new Dashboard management page allows you to easily navigate across thousands of dashboards and take needed action on individual or list of dashboards

  1. Find: Easily find your dashboard with powerful search, filtering, and tagging capabilities
  2. Organize: group dashboard into lists or add an existing tag, share, select your favorite dashboards
  3. Share: provide read-only or full access to team members, view your access privileges on different dashboards



4.Dashboard – View, Play, Navigate

View dashboards in new colors with multiple out of box widgets to slice and dice log and event data.

  1. View dashboard with the area, column, line, bubble, gauge, or any of your favorite chart types
  2. Play with log queries, time interval, or add additional filters to slice and dice the chart data
  3. Navigate to other dashboards, share, download, or set it as your landing page


5.Comprehensive  AWS Log Management

For VMware Cloud on AWS customers, now vRLI Cloud provides a holistic view across your VMware and AWS environment

  1.  Forward logs using our simple AWS lambda function across multiple AWS services
  2.  Leverage Out of box AWS content packs to see insights on AWS data
  3.  Augment the AWS log collection with logs coming from applications running on EC2 or VMware Cloud on AWS virtual machines


What’s Next

vRealize Log Insight Cloud is a key pillar in VMware Observability and Security strategy. To learn more about upcoming major updates to the product including new machine learning and security event management capabilities, please join my VMworld session vRealize Log Insight Cloud for VMC and Beyond.


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