VMworld 2020 - Network Automation

Where is Network Automation at VMworld 2020?


VMworld 2020 is fast approaching, and we are excited to welcome you to our first digital conference and experience Network Automation!  To help you navigate VMworld 2020, we have curated a program guide with a list of Network Automation resources, including key notes, breakouts, and Hands-on Labs that you do not want to miss.

Network Automation is covered in two Learning Tracks: Multi-Cloud and Virtual Cloud Network.  The first is the Multi-Cloud track, which focuses on discovering how VMware Multi-Cloud enables you to build, run, manage, connect, and protect your applications across any cloud.  The second is the Virtual Cloud Network track, which covers VMware NSX technology and shows you how to power your business with a network defined entirely in software.

Follow the program guide to attend both tracks.  Hear leaders share the vision and outcomes.  Also, learn from our technical subject matter experts, who will reveal the latest VMware Network Automation solution innovations and share best practices for network automation.


VMworld 2020 Network Automation Program Guide


VMworld 2020 - Network AutomationSolutions Keynote

[VCN2799] Virtual Cloud Network – The Network for Your Future Ready Business (Business 100)


Breakout Session

[VCNC2917] Making Your Private Cloud Network Run Like a Public Cloud – Part 1 (Technical 100)

[VCNC2918] Making your Private Cloud Network Run Like a Public Cloud – Part 2 (Technical 100)

[HCMB1311] Two Steps Ahead of the Future, the VMware Cloud Management Roadmap (Technical 200)

[HCMB2246] What’s New in vRealize Automation (Technical 200)

[HCMB1262] Enterprise-Grade NSX-T Automation Using vRealize Automation (Technical 200)

[VCNC1417] NSX-T Deep dive: APIs Built for Automation (Technical 200)

[VCNC1206] NSX-T Network Automation: What to Do When You Have Choices (Technical 200)


Expert Roundtable

[HCP2801] What’s new in vRealize Automation with Karl Fultz (Technical 200)


Hands-on Lab (HOL)

[HOL-2121-04-CMP] Administering vRealize Automation – Advanced Use Cases

Module 1 – Blueprinting and Managing VMware NSX Networking with vRealize Automation (45 minutes)


In addition to the keynote and breakouts, we encourage you to participate in the HOL, join the Experts Roundtable, and drop by our virtual product booths to see live demos of our latest product releases!


Register Now

Planning to attend VMworld 2020?  There is still plenty of time to register. If you are already registered, make sure to schedule the sessions starting September 1.  We look forward to seeing you there!VMworld 2020 - Network Automation


Learn More

To learn more, visit us online at VMware Network Automation and check out these additional resources.





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