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Introducing ServiceNow ITSM 8.1 Plugin for vRealize Automation

VMware vRealize Automation and ServiceNow integration has yet another upgraded plugin available on the ServiceNow store! Introducing the 8.1 version of the ITSM plugin available for download on the ServiceNow Store. If you are interested in reading about what we released in the ITSM 8.0.1 plugin from March 2020 take a look at this blog.

VMware vRealize Automation speeds up the delivery of infrastructure and application resources through a policy-based self-service portal, on-premises and in the public cloud. The solution delivers Day1 service provisioning and Day2 operational capabilities across a hybrid cloud with the ability to assemble application blueprints from prebuilt components using a visual canvas with a drag and drop interface as well as create blueprints as code.

The vRealize Automation plugin for ServiceNow provides an out of the box integration between the ServiceNow portal and vRealize Automation catalog and governance model. It enables ServiceNow users to deploy virtual machines and perform basic day 2 operations on their CMDB assets.

The ITSM 8.1 plugin brings support for ServiceNow Orlando support in addition to New York and Madrid. The plugin also supports vRealize Automation 8.1 as well.

For reference here is the support matrix:


Features of ITSM application release version 8.1

    • Resource Sharing on service Portal
    • Catalog items entitlement across ServiceNow users
    • Day 2 action entitlement across ServiceNow users (a separate set of actions for Deployments and Resources)
    • Resource visibility based on entitlements and ownership within ServiceNow
    • Header rebranding where Global admin can apply changes based on his requirements
    • Footer rebranding where Global admin can apply changes to images, logo, text, colors based on his requirements
    • Two-way checkout functionality for Catalog items on the portal
    • Reconcile of CMDB
    • Email Notification
    • Email Properties to enable/disable plugin-specific email notifications
    • Configure Multi-Level Approvals within request workflow
    • Re-trigger of Catalog item request if Mid-Server goes down and comes up
    • System property to enable/disable catalog item with Custom forms
    • System property to enable/disable catalog item with vRO workflows
    • Support for “Resize Disk” and “Resize Boot Disk” Day2 actions
    • Configurable vRA Cloud URL
    • ServiceNow Tickets for failed deployment requests and Day2 actions

Key Features

  • This integration enables ServiceNow to integrate vRealize Automation(vRA) Suite with ServiceNow platform and provide the ability for ServiceNow users to access the vRA catalog items, resources within ServiceNow.
  • The integration will allow end-users to request vRA catalog items from the ServiceNow portal.
  • The application will fetch Projects, catalog items, and resource data from the vRA platform.
  • The application will extend ServiceNow functionality to be able to render vRA catalog items into ServiceNow dynamically and manage vRA resources.
  • Day2 actions performed on resources in the ServiceNow will be updated back to the vRA platform by giving API calls to vRA.


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