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Project Magna for vSAN Optimization: Beta Announcement

We received tons of interest and excitement from the Project Magna tech preview at VMworld 2019 in San Francisco and we’re now very close to kicking off our customer beta program!  vSAN and vRealize Operations combine to make a solution that works better together, allowing IT datacenters to modernize and operationalize their HCI configurations.


However, modern day applications are dynamic in nature and require that the underlying infrastructure be continuously, automatically and adaptively optimized to deliver the expected performance and SLA guarantees of today’s businesses.  Unless you have a Storage Engineer 24/7 closely monitoring specific performance needs for each application, carefully balancing legacy workloads with new, modern application requirements can be a very painstaking challenge to tackle on.


Project Magna Continuous Optimization for vSAN


Always pushing the boundaries for IT productivity, VMware’s Project Magna helps achieve the true ‘Self-Driving Data Center,’ starting with VMware vSAN.  This SaaS-based solution uses reinforcement learning where it will collect data, learn from it, and make decisions that will automatically self-tune your infrastructure to drive greater performance and efficiencies.



For more information and to sign up for the Project Magna customer beta, please visit


If you have any comments or have questions on the Project Magna beta program, let us know at  We’d love to hear from you and learn more about your datacenter challenges with managing dynamic workloads and HCI infrastructure performance demands.




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